Sai Nrityotsav completes one year!
- Radhika Ramanujan, Bangalore

June 11, 2010

The first of every month is associated with Sai Nrityotsav in Bangalore. It's good to remember a dance program on this day apart from getting involved in other activities. Sai Nrityotsava has presented 212 artists in one year. These numbers show the interest and the growth of the organisation.

Monsoon began with a well attended performance. June 1st was the day on which Sai Nrityotsav completed one year, presenting a remarkable series of events through the year. The event emerged with two young dancers, Mrudula Bhasker and Bharati Reddy, who are the students of young and energetic dancer Mithun Shyam. Ganesha Stuthi gave a start and it was followed by a varnam. Though it was condensed, it gave the necessary feel. Mrudula performed a devaranama, "kadagola taarenna" with ease, and the evergreen "Kanchadalayadakshi" was performed by Bharati. With their experience, they will surely blossom well.

Supana Venkatesh, Mysore Nagaraj, Prakash Naidu and Sankya Gopal presented Kathak quartet. In the portrayal of Harihara aspects of Shiva and Vishnu, Shiva-Shakti was brought to life. Vishnu-Lakshmi paired up suitably to show the manifestations of the dance. The catchy performance of Krishna-Radha was appreciated by the dance lovers.

Performing Odissi with ease, Sharmila Mukherjee thrilled the audience. A nritta piece, a Pallavi with sculpture like poses were showcased. The movements were beautifully executed, which appealed the audience. Next to follow was a poem depicting the ever naughty Krishna who dresses as a woman to approach the nayika. Krishna's mischievous deeds and the shy nayika caught off-guard were portrayed well.

Lastly, a unique presentation called Manas was performed by the well known dancer Yamini Muthanna. With the help of karanas and yogasanas, a genuine attempt was made to delineate the essence of her understanding of the 'supreme guru.' The asanas were amazingly depicted, putting the youngsters in awe. The audience was delighted with the spiritual concept.

Kudos to Sai Arts international, wishing many more such showcases to come!

Radhika Ramanujan is a Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher.