Devmudraa celebrates International Dance Day

May 6, 2010

Devmudraa, a movement school, celebrated dance on the occasion of International Dance Day on 29th April 2010 in Aurangabad, a culmination of Movements & Expressions, Body Speak & Dance of Joy workshops.

Aurangabad is historically known for its rich culture but with massive urbanization, the city's rich fabric with its cultural roots is losing its identity. According to V Soumyasri, the director of Devmudraa, the aim is to re-establish and replenish what is eroded; one has to rekindle the cultural activism once again. As a heritage place, the city's soul demands attention in this area. The city has at one side the great Paithan, the place known for its social and spiritual activism by the great saints, the Kailash and the Ellora caves which is the living evidence of our rich and vibrant heritage and the elucidated Ajanta, the true depiction of the cultural ethos, spirituality and cultural well being of the people.

In modern times, it has become imperative to rejuvenate what is becoming last on our priority list; prosperity does not remain for ever, but culture does because culture is engrained in our souls; in good times and in bad times, it becomes a handy tool to revitalise what is lost and to enjoy what is gained.

This time on the occasion of World Dance day, Devmudraa planned series of dances, for different age groups and of different genre. These workshops were basically organized to create awareness and understand the aesthetics of movements, just celebrating dance. It featured folk to contemporary to classical and it was dedicated to the legendary Uday Shankar, the pioneer of Modern dance in India.

Devmudraa has been successful in organising different workshops and making all the participants perform in the celebrations. Around 35 participants of different age groups from different walks of life participated in these workshops, most of which were conducted free of cost and was open to all.

It featured innovative choreographic compositions to the music of maestros like Pt. Ravi Shankar, Bikram Ghosh and from Rajasthani to Marathi folk dances culminating into a fusion of classical, folk and contemporary dance performance. The choreography and the concept by V Soumyasri was a visual treat to the audience.