Captivating recital by Shriya Srinivas
- Parvatha Chidambaram

December 13, 2009 

A Junior Music Gala was held by the Indian Classical Music and Dance society as a series of the fall festival Season, at India Community Center. Rochester, NY on Nov 21, 2009.

Amongst the young talented musicians who participated in the performance was a dance performance rendered by Shriya Srinivas, a high school Sophomore a multi talented teenager who began learning Bharatanatyam from her mother Sujatha Srinivasan (a well reputed dancer) from the age of five. To have completed her Arangetram in June 2008 Sriya had also won the first prize at the 2009 Cleveland Aradhana. 

The program opened with Bhaja Manasa in Bahudari raga. From the start, Sriya sculpted her moves carefully and captivated the audience with her striking flawless poses. Samiyai Varnam in raga Kamas a composition of Tanjore Quartet was the main piece of the evening in which the transitions between Nrtta (rhythmic dance) and Nrtya (mimetic interpretation) brought out the true expertise and creativity of the young dancer. 

In the two padams Alarulu Kuriyaga Annamacharya's composition in raga Shankarabharanam and Baro Krishnaya - a composition of Kanakadasa in ragamalika, the bhakthi rasa emoted by the young artist was enjoyable. Her innate sense of rhythm was exhibited through her flawless footwork in her concluding piece, Thillana in raga Kathanakuthukalam, a composition of Dr. Balamuralikrishna.

Sriya's dance was a combination of vigor, grace and beauty. She has perfected the art form to a point that the movements exhibited so much of precision and dynamism. This young teenager for sure has blossomed into a fine dancer and was such an inspiration to all young dance students of Rochester NY.

Parvatha Chidambaram is the Director of Bharata School of Indian Classical Dance and Music