Geeta Chandran performs to Spanish poem 

November 17, 2009 

In a unique expression of India's cultural links with Spain, at the inauguration of Spain's spanking new cultural centre in New Delhi's prestigious Connaught Place, renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandran performed to a Spanish poem by Juan de la Cruz translated into Sanskrit by the India Director of the Cervantes Institute, Oscar Pujol. The Spanish original "Canciones entre el Alma y el Esposo" was interpreted as "Pati jivatma Gita."  

In her dance presentation, Geeta showcased the bhava of viraha or separation. "The emotions of poetry and of dance are universal," says Geeta Chandran. "And in Oscar Pujol, we are lucky to have one so scholarly in Sanskrit and sensitive to Indian culture."  
Viewing Geeta's unique dance presentation were the Royal Highnesses of Spain, Prince (Don) Felipe and Princess (Doña) Letizia.