Sejal Khara performs her Bharatanatyam Arangetram 
- Anil Patadé 

September 27, 2009 

On September 12, 2009, local dance prodigy Sejal Khara performed her Bharatanatyam "arangetram" to a packed house in Norman Rothstein Theatre, Vancouver.  The audience, made up of Vancouver dance enthusiasts along with Khara family and friends, is a well-heeled, elegant, and gratifyingly attentive one.   

Sejal had us entranced with her nimble, intricate footwork, her fine technique and story-telling talent, and evocative expressions and mudras (hand gestures).  We were blown away by the remarkably polished two hour performance this fifteen-year-old gave as her final exercise for her guru, the respected and renowned Bharatanatyam exponent and teacher, Jai Govinda.  She deserved every bit of the enthusiastic applause she got at the show's end.   

I was impressed all over again with the maturity of her thank you speech: she sagely observed that the arangetram was not the end of her studies, but merely the beginning of a new journey.  A self-assured, charming, extremely disciplined and focused young woman who, we can say with certainty, will be making headlines in the years to come.  I couldn't have wished for a better way to introduce the Canadian friends who accompanied me, to the sublime Indian classical dance form that is Bharatanatyam.