Bharatanatyam workshop at Geneva
- Nathalie-Grange-Vas

September 27, 2009 

After a very successful presentation of Danses du Monde, organized by Aeka Academy in Geneva, we had the pleasure of participating in a two day Bharatanatyam workshop with Anita Shanmuganathan. It was so inspiring for all of us present there and it was a real eye-opener for us. We were 15 students in all and we really enjoyed both the days. 

Apart from dancing, Anita had a very special way of explaining the dance to us. The way she explained the 'margam' comparing it to visiting a temple was so beautiful. Anita taught us adavus and variations of the adavus. We got to learn the 'mudras.' On the first day afternoon, we even learnt a folk dance from Orissa. Wonderful! On the second day, we caught a glimpse of expressions in Bharatanatyam. We learnt a wonderful bhajan, the love of Krishna and Radha.
We thank Aparna Raghavan of Aeka Academy for organizing this workshop where we follow her courses, and Rafaela Tanner of Dancing Time Studio to have hosted this workshop in her wonderful dance studio. We look forward to more of these workshops in Geneva.