Murali Nritya Madhuri in Dallas
- Narayanee Venkatasubramanian, Dallas 
September 5, 2009 

Sampradaya Performing Arts presented Murali Nritya Madhuri, a presentation of Dr.Balamurali Krishna’s compositions in Bharatanatyam on August 22 at Granville Arts Centre in Dallas, Texas. The concept was conceived and choreographed by Shobana Balachandra, one of the senior most disciples of the Dhananjayans.
The dancers for the evening were Gowri Ramaswamy (Artistic Director, Sampradaya Performing Arts), Lakshmi Chandrasekar, Roopa Guha and Sharmada Srikant and the budding students of Sampradaya. 

Following the Natyanjali, an offering of prayers, the young artists of Sampradaya performed Ganesha Sthuti set in Hamsadhwani. The children enacted the well known story of Ganesha and Muruga fighting for the sacred fruit. The dance was well choreographed with formations allowing the dancers to spread and span the stage.

The centerpiece of the day was the famous Varnam of Dr. Balamurali Krishna in Gambheera Nattai, "Amma anandha dhayini." This was performed by Gowri, Lakshmi and Roopa. Their bhava and sancharis were self explanatory and their abhinaya for the sahitya made it easier to follow. The jathis in the varnam were well choreographed and the theermanams were crisp. In the varnam, the story of Abhirama Bhattar was beautifully depicted and in the second half, different forms of Goddess as creator, protector and destroyer of evils were enacted. The footwork of the dancers was impressive.

Eight young artistes performed Saraswathi krithi in Mohanam. The highlight of this performance was the final frame that depicted Saraswathi surrounded by white lotuses. This was followed by a Javali in Senjurruti performed by Gowri Ramaswamy. Gowri's impressive abhinaya brought out the love between the nayika and nayaka. The program continued with two keerthanams, one for lord Muruga in Kunthavarali and on Isai (music) in Anandabhairavi. 

The concluding item for the performance was the famous Kadanakuthuhulam thillana of Balamurali Krishna, and Moksha in Lavangi where all the performers were together on the stage. On the whole the performance was well choreographed and the nattuvangam by Shobana Balachandra was commendable. The talented orchestra included vocals by Dr.Venkatraman and Hari Ramakrishnan, mridangam by Harish Narayan, veena by Gayathri Seshadri and violin by Saipriya Krishnan. The thoughtful costumes were color coordinated. In all, it was a well produced and well executed performance, bringing back memories of the good shows I had watched in Chennai. 
Narayanee Venkatasubramanian is a disciple of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. She runs Nrityavidyalaya in Dallas.