Santnu and group enthrall the audience 
- Charu Chandana

July 2, 2009 

Santnu Chakraborty presented a mesmerising Bharatanatyam repertoire in New Delhi before leaving for Kathmandu on a teaching assignment (Bharatnatyam, of course!). It was a delight to watch Santnu and his disciples at the India Habitat Centre. Deviating from his regular themes on Shiva, Santnu presented new compositions dedicated to Lord Vishnu and His avatara as Krishna, choreographed by his guru, V Krishnamoorthy.

Kamala Lochna Kati Pitambara, Adhara Murali Giridharam....the composition, performed in a group, beautifully brought forth not only the physical attributes of Krishna but also praised his commendable deeds as Bala Gopala.

The recital concluded with a spectacular group presentation of Dashavatara. The composition made use of some elements of Hindustani classical music. It would have been better if Santnu had used less of Lokadharmi Abhinaya and more of Natyadharmi.