Befitting tribute to the gurus 

 May 7, 2009 

Pramila Ramesh, one of the dedicated disciples of the Dhananjayans, presented a mega production in honour of her gurus and celebrated the annual day of her Nrityanjali school of Naatya in Muscat, Oman.  In the presence of an enthusiastic overflowing crowd in the prestigious theater The Oman Auditorium, Al-Bustan Palace International in Muscat,  Pramila presented almost 70 of her Bharatanatyam students, taking the audience through the Ramayana episodes in 'Stree Raama Nirikshanam,' highlighting the women characters in the epic.  Pramila displayed an uncompromising standard justifying the lineage of her gurus, The Dhananjayans. 

The presentation was very meticulous from start to finish. Kudos to the wonderful children who did their teacher proud, winning applause from her gurus in whose honour the mega event was held.   

'Stree Rama Nirikshanam' was intended to showcase the fruits of labour of Pramila Ramesh's efforts to promote Indian art and culture.  The community's support to her was evident in the way the whole event was conducted with professional perfection.