Gita Govinda: A dancing tribute to Gurus 

January 11, 2009 
The fourth Guru Shishya Parampara Festival held in December 2008 at India International Centre in Delhi, focussing on Odissi, Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam and Kathak dance forms showcased some grand performances by renowned exponents of their respective dance styles. The festival was a tribute to Gurutattva in Indian culture. The emphasis was on the styles of various Gharanas prevalent in Indian classical dance traditions.

Guru - Shishya parampara in Indian classical dances professes, promotes and carries forward the intricate techniques of communication and richness of expression as practiced since centuries.

The festival was inaugurated on December 13, 2008 by Mr. D Singh from Sweden. The festival focused on Jayadeva's Gita Govinda. Deepti Omchery Bhalla's expertise of mukhaabhinaya did full justice to the ashtapadi "Sakhi tava virahe vanamali..." Her expressions in describing the plight of Krishna were powerfully depicted. She brought to the audience the style of her Mohiniattam guru Kalyani Kuttyamma.

Gajendra Panda
Santnu Chakraborty 
Madhumita Raut

Gajendra Panda gave an outstanding performance of 'Dashavatar' with a spectacular group choreography. What was commendable was that Gajendra Panda adhered to the Tala and Raga as prescribed in the Gita Govinda by Jayadeva. Santnu Chakraborty used the medium of Bharatanatyam to depict Krishna's leelas as portrayed in "Haririhe mugdha vadhuni..." choreographed by his guru V Krishnamoorthy.

Madhumita Raut, carrying forward the style of her father Guru Mayadhar Raut brought out intensely, the Vassakasajja Nayika of Jayadeva's Radha in "Pashyati Dishi Dishi..." a masterpiece composition of Guru Mayadhar Raut. The two day festival concluded with an electrifying Kathak recital by Rajendra Gangani, son and disciple of late guru Kundanlal Gangani. His rendering of "Nindati chandan..." was subtle, simple yet highly captivating, a rarity in Kathak nowadays.

On both the days, documentaries were shown about guru Mayadhar Raut's contribution to Odissi abhinaya as well as depiction of navarasas. A master of Natya Shastra and Abhinaya Darpana, Raut has done yeoman service to enrich the Abhinaya vocabulary of Odissi dance.