Bangalore Gayana Samaja gets a new head 

December 31, 2008 
In the general election held on 28th December 2008 during the Annual General Body Meeting of the prestigious Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Dr.MRV Prasad (who was the vice-president) was elected as the President of the Samaja with an overwhelming majority. He polled 278 votes and H. Kamalanath could garner 148 votes. 

Achyutharao Padaki, Hanumantha Rao and SS Prasad were unanimously elected to the Managing Committee.  

The Academy awardee and renowned music and dance critic Dr. M Surya Prasad was also elected unanimously to the Managing Committee. He has been made the new Editor of  'Gayana Samrajya,' the monthly magazine of the Bangalore Gayana Samaja. One hopes to see the magazine in its newest form (in terms of design and layout) featuring qualitative and interesting content.