Seeta Patel wins Kadam Choreography Prize 2008/09 

December 20, 2008 
Kadam Choreography Prize is supported by the hat Factory, Luton. Seeta Patel has won the Kadam Choreography Prize for 2008/09. The award winner was the favourite of 3 distinctive judges with huge reputations in the dance scene.

The winning entry stood out for its originality and sophistication in combining elements of a game, film and dance. The concept was convincingly demonstrated through a mature movement vocabulary by Seeta Patel and Kamala Devam. 

Seeta Patel is an Asian classical and contemporary dancer with a track record of performing with Angika, Mavin Khoo Dance Company, David Huges Dance Company, Shristi Dance Company, Menaka Thakkar Dance Company (Toronto) and Kiran Ratna Company (Wales). Her choreographic endeavours include Youth Dance England (Big Dance 08), Alter Ego (collaboration with Kamala Devam), After Cut Glass (collaboration with Kaos Theatre) and Orbital (Chaos, Derby Dance)  
Seeta Patel is awarded with £1500 prize money, 2 weeks studio space at the hat Factory in Luton and 3 national performance opportunities.  
She will move on to create a 20 minute long duet at the hat Factory between January and February 2009 that will be premiered at the hat Factory on 2 April 2009.