Roger Sinha's film 'The Barber of Bangalore' finalist in short film festival

December 14, 2008 
Roger Sinha's first film, 'The Barber of Bangalore' was chosen as a finalist for the life as a lemon multicultural short film festival in New York City. The Barber of Bangalore was shot entirely in India at the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts. 

Attakkalari is committed to contemporary dance and inter-disciplinary performance work. It's an umbrella organization for dance and digital arts. 'The Barber of Bangalore' is part of a larger solo dance work entitled 'Zeros & Ones,' which was premiered at the Montreal Arts Intercultural Theater in Montreal in May of 2008. 

‘The Barber of Bangalore' explores the harmony and dissonance created when East and West collide. Using irony and humour, two classical forms meet, western classical music and eastern classical dance (The use of expression called Abhinaya in Bharatanatyam). The result is odd, confusing, funny, ridiculous though sometimes quite lovely and harmonious! 

See the film at: