Elegant Mohiniattam presentation by Ayswaria Wariar and group 

October 16, 2008 
In Bangalore, Monisha Arts, supported by the Sports Youth and Cultural Activities Department, Govt. of Gujarat, presented a dance ballet by Nrityodaya School for Classical Dance. Meghadootam was staged in East Cultural Association Auditorium, Indiranagar at 7pm. The one hour program commenced with the item 'Ganapathy' paying obeisance to Lord Ganesha, followed by 'Shiva Thathvam' and 'Meghadootam.' 

'Meghadootam' was the highlight of the evening and depicted the beauty of Kalidasa's poetry, painting a picture of the panoramic descriptions. The music composed in the Sopanam style and the group presentation in Mohiniattam style with techniques of Bharatanatyam and Kalaripayattu was unique. The dancers recreated the images of clouds, fields, farmers, rivers, palaces and courtyards and all other imagery encountered in the pan Indian voyage. The ballet highlighted the husband - wife relationship that exists in Indian culture, forming the basic foundation for strong family ties, one that needs to be preserved and propagated for our future generation. 

Mohiniattam is one of the most lyrical classical dance traditions, originating from Kerala. Ayswaria' movements were soft and graceful, soaked in feminine grace. Her expressions were flawless. Her grace when on stage is something that the audience will remember for a long while. The performance by her students who accompanied her was synchronized and one could see the amount of effort put into the presentation.

Ayswaria was accompanied by her students Roshni Suresh, Aiswarya Parameshwar, Manimaran, Veena Vasudevan, Anagha Sathyan, Sanjidha Sanjeev, Vaishnavi Modi and Vrundha Seth.

Meghadootam has been staged in various cities of Gujarat, Mumbai, Kochi and now in Bangalore and is sure to go a long way.