Sreedevi Unni presents 'Gandhari Vilapa'  
A Mohiniattam dance feature based on Ezhuthachan's Mahabharata 
July 30, 2008 

Sreedevi Unni along with her students presented a Mohiniattam dance feature MATRUSPANDANA - 'Gandhari Vilapa,' based on Ezhuthachan's Mahabharata on Saturday, 26th July 2008 at Sevasadan Auditorium, Bangalore. Lalitha Srinivasan (Director, Nupura and President, Nritya Kala Parishad) and Padmini Ramachandran (Director, Natyapriya) were the chief guests for the scintillating evening. Sreedevi dedicated the feature to universal motherhood and to her beloved daughter late Monisha. 

Through 'Mathruspandana' Sreedevi Unni magnified the character of Gandhari as narrated in the chapter 'Sthree Parvam' of Mahabharata. With Sage Vyasa's blessings, Gandhari takes courage to go to the battle field. Vyasa advises her to go to the battlefield and witness all with her naked eyes. Untying her blindfold, Gandhari sees the corpses of her children. Sreedevi Unni transformed into the character entirely. The audience was taken into a state of trance with her outburst of love, anxiety, sorrow, pain, anguish and finally the fierce fury towards Lord Krishna whom she considered solely responsible for such fratricide.  

The choreography was a simple presentation and could be comprehended by all. The designing skills in her allowed her to innovate in the costumes of 'Gandhari Vilapa' without deviating from the traditional framework. The choreography and the costumes brought out well, the pathos in the dance. 

Sreedevi Unni portraying the character of Gandhari was supported by Bindu K as Lord Krishna, Aarati as Sage Vyasa, Anita Peter as Kunti, Rashmi Murali as Draupati, Mythili Vasudevan as Subhadra, Shruthi as Dushala, and Swati as Uthara. 

Sreedevi Unni is the Director of Bangalore based Monisha Arts. It was formerly known as Nrithyavedi, and founded by Sreedevi in 1979 but was renamed in 1995 in memory of her daughter late Monisha Unni.