An evening of Bharatanatyam based on Dr. M.Balamuralikrishna's compositions  
- Pandithar Sivakumar Perumal, Pune 
July 14, 2008 

Antara Nritya Niketan presented a beautiful evening when Dr. M Balamuralikrishna's compositions were rendered with classical Bharatanatyam, performed in Pandanallur style. 

In a theme based presentation, the disciples of Anuradha Jog sparkled throughout the presentation. 

The association of the Almighty is in forms as Ganesha, Shiva and Krishna in dance and music. Dance and music have been an integral part of the distinguishing features of our Gods. These performances were a highlight in defining each god, and the individual god's association with dance and music. 

Ganesha, the lord attributed to the beginning of any auspicious occasion was brought alive in dance by Anoushka Hardikar performing to the composition "Pari Pari Nee Padamey." 

The artist performed beautifully, creating images of the lord along with Ridhi – Siddhi in her dance.  

Lord Shiva was the theme of Ashwini Dhabadge's performance in "Jaya Jaya Shiv Shambho," the dance of the Lord of Dance. It requires an artist to reach a level where she or he will be able to define the lord in the dance. Ashwini’s performance too echoed the amount of hard work these artists have put in preparation of the evening's performance. Shiva’s tandava with Uma was performed. 

Sri Krishna was performed by Mithila Tople, "Govindam Kuzaloshyaketa," a dance based on the mesmerizing flute, as the nayika searched for the same. Highlight of Mithila's performance was the ease with which the dancer established the characters of the lord along with the nayika, with both the characters being performed simultaneously. The use of stage space was good through all the performances. 

The hallmark of the solo performances of the artists was characterized by effective execution, angashuddhi, striking adavus and jatis. The elements of Nritta and Nritya were exhibited by each artist. All the performances received rousing applause, the most appropriate acknowledgement of the wonderful performance.  

After the solo performances, all the artists combined to perform Varnam "Annamein Arahinilva." The story told in this Varnam was about Lord Kartikeya, Devayani and Valli. This choreography stood out because of the uniqueness in presentation. At different levels or situations of the dance, each dancer was performing a continuous character in the story, picking up spontaneously from the preceding artist and carrying it forth with the similar flow of intensity in dance. The way the dancers made their way to the stage and their exits were well thought out and executed. The varied formation in symmetry on the stage in different manners was pleasing.  

The Varnam also gave good scope for abhinaya, and the dancers used it to full advantage. As were the solo performances, this Varnam too was performed with detailed precision of all dance aspects. While it thundered rains outside the auditorium, the trio of Anoushka Hardikar, Ashwini Dhabadge and Mithali Tople earned thundering applause for their immaculate performance. 

The second part of the evening was the premiere of Antara Nritya Niketan's 'Meghdoot,' the classic work of the great saint poet Kalidasa, presented in a dance drama by Anuradha Jog and her students. Meghdoot - the messenger cloud, is a story in dialogue between Yaksha, who has been exiled by Kuber and Meghdoot. 

'Meghdoot' is a portrayal of man's desire, beauty of nature and its influence on mankind. 
The music for this wonderful dance drama was composed by Late Pt. Jitendra Abhisekhi. 
If the dance was the life of the dance drama, Pt. Jitendra Abisekhi's melodious music was the soul of 'Meghdoot.' The theme was well interpreted, conceived, and supremely presented by the troupe that also included Mithali Tople, Anoushka Hardikar and Ashwini Dhabadge. 

The chief guests for the evening were Dr. Deepak Tilak, V C, TMV University. Dr. Leelatai Arjunwadkar, Dr.Saroja Bhate and members of the Governing Council of the Bhandarkar Institute, critics, scholars and senior dancers graced the occasion.   

This event was held at Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagriha, Pune on 6th June 2008. 

Pandithar Sivakumar Perumal is an art aficionado and a regular contributor to