'Yuva Sourav' - Showcasing young artistes 
- Shyamhari Chakra
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May 20, 2008 

The Karnataka State Government deserves kudos for its initiatives to encourage aspiring artistes. Its Department of Kannada and Culture stages Yuva Sourav every Wednesday in Bangalore City and provides a platform for young artistes to prove their potential. As part of the series, budding Bharatanatyam dancer Anuradha Dwarakanath, disciple of Revathi Narasimhan who hails from Vazhuvoor style, performed on May 14.

Anuradha commenced her recital with the traditional ‘Pushpanjali’ and 'Ganesha stuthi' set to Adi tala and raga Kedar. The invocatory number was followed by 'Shabdam.' "Gokulambudi," a Telugu composition set to raga malika and tala Mishra Chapu, was laden with devotional flavour describing the attributes of Lord Krishna.

Next was Dandayudapani Pillai's Varnam "Swamiye Vara Solladi" set to raga Poorvikalyani and adi tala. This recital revolved round the sentiments of a love-lorn lady who pleads with her friend to fetch her Lord, her love. "He is not a common man but Lord Kumaraswamy of the Palani Hills. He is the illustrious son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. My body is stung by Manmatha's arrows," says she and requests the 'sakhi' to "meet my Lord and tell him about my longing and bring him here soon."

In 'Devaranama' "Yamanelli Kannenendu," Purandaradasa explains that Lord Vishnu has always been a friend to the noble people but a foe – 'Yama,' the God of Death, for the evil people. This was depicted in this Devaranama through 'sancharis' on Rama-Ravana-Vibhisana, Prahlada-Hiranyakashipu and Lord Krishna-Arjun episodes. The next number was a Kannada 'Javali'- "Sarasa Priyana" – where the dancer portrayed the agony of a ‘virhothakanditha nayika' who was cheated by her beloved. She is unable to eat, drink and sleep. His memories do not leave her. She regrets that her beloved has forgotten her and she keeps waiting for his return. It was set to raga Paras in adi tala. 

Anuradha concluded her recital with 'Tillana' and 'Mangalam' in raga Kuntalavaralli and adi tala. While her guru was on nattuvangam, Gurumurtthy, Bharati Venugopal and Jayaram were on mridangam, vocal and flute respectively.  

Shyamhari Chakra is a New Delhi based freelancer writing on dance and culture. He is building up an archive on Odissi dance in Bhubaneswar. He is a regular contributor to www.narthaki.com