Visual paintings: Mudgal family's performance in Paris 
- Chloé Romero, Paris 
May 15, 2008 

Here are some of my impressions after the Mudgal family performance in Theatre de la Ville in Paris. I want to share my extreme happiness of attending this performance. 

During the first part, Madhup Mudgal, his daughter Sawani and his musicians played three beautiful ragas that touched my heart so deeply by their purity and lightness.

Then came the Odissi part. Madhavi Mudgal danced two pieces of her own creation, Arushi danced another solo, and then they danced together during an extraordinary final item. A touching complicity and happiness was all pervasive, and made the evening exceptional.

Grace, humbleness, wonderful games of rhythm, visual paintings, subtlety and extreme beauty are the words that come to my mind. 

But I won't describe anything, because it was at most an experience of senses and soul, so strong I couldn't stop my tears...A great happiness and respect overcome me, and I leave the theatre with a great joy and a new inspiration for my daily practice.

Chloé Romero is a French student of Odissi.