A dance tapestry in Kathak 
May 7, 2008 

On 3rd May 2008, Seva Sadan Auditorium in Bangalore was packed with dancers, gurus, art critics and scholars like Dr. Shatavadhani Ganesh and connoisseurs of art. The theme was Sree Krishna Tavasmi.... I belong to Krishna, and was performed by Suparna Venkatesh and Mysore Nagaraj.

One can relate to Krishna in several ways. One can belong to him as his shishya, his bhakta, his saka, or even as his premika.

With this sentiment of belonging to the lord, Suparna and Nagaraj wove a dance tapestry through the repertoire of Kathak natwari nrutya.  Commencing with a guru vandana, seeing Krishna as guru proceeded to the vision that Krishna gave guru Bindadin Maharaj that helped him create a grammar for Kathak, thus enthralling the heart of a devotee.  

Encapsulating the pure dance of Kathak giving a glimpse of the Krishna dance nuances as seen by Bindadin Maharaj, the dancers with bhav nrutya, explored the sentiment of his eternal love Radha.  Radha belongs to him at a high level of spiritual feeling, that transcend erotic love, and unites with him, bringing an end to dualism and experiencing the sweetest union with him, an esoteric interpretation of atma and paraamatma ever united in madhuradvitam.

The inauguration of the WORLD DANCE ALLIANCE - KARNATAKA CHAPTER took place on 28th April 2008, at Seva Sadana Auditorium.  The chapter was inaugurated by Dr. Sunil Kothari, Vimala Rangachar and guru Bhanumathy.