Sunanda's Performing Arts Center celebrates 2nd anniversary 
April 30, 2008 

Sunanda's Performing Arts Center, Houston, Texas, celebrated its 2nd Anniversary with a dance recital on April 27, 2008 at the Stafford Civic Centre. Nearly 150 to 175 students participated in the program of classical Indian dance items in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam, lasting over 3 hours.  

The dance program was directed, choreographed and presented by Sunanda Nair. She also accompanied on nattuvangam and recitation of jathis. The vocal music was by Siva Prasad, and while Satish Krishnamurthy was on mridangam and ganjira, Deepa Ramachandran played the violin. Both Siva Prasad and Satish Krishnamurthy were brought specially from India for this program, and their skills were highly appreciated by the audience.  

The program was of a high standard in that most of the students who had less than two years of training in a sophisticated traditional dance form, performed so capably. This could have been possible only with complete dedication, meticulous training, and personal attention to each and every individual.  

Sugar Land councilman Mr. Tom Abraham and FOKANA president Mr. Sasidharan Nair inaugurated the function. Stafford City Mayor Mr. Lenard Scarcella and Councilman Mr. Ken Mathew were the guests of honor. In his address, the Mayor praised the students for their high standard of performance and in the interest and enthusiasm shown by them in upholding the traditions. He also congratulated guru Sunanda for her dedication and commitment in promoting and preserving the best traditions of Indian art and culture and her efforts to inculcate traditional values in the children. The Mayor also issued a Proclamation making April 27 as Sunanda’s Performing Arts Center Day, and urged the people to observe and encourage the day as such. 

The full auditorium was testimony to the level of interest in Sunanda’s programs and the confidence in her ability to present an enjoyable evening.