An evening of Odissi dance  
- Charu Chandana 
April 11, 2008 

Dancing to a packed auditorium at the Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi, the dancers were the epitome of grace and beauty. The repertoire began with Mangalacharan by Christine Kreh-Laino, a senior disciple of Guru Mayadhar Raut. The inaugural item was dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the power behind knowledge and fine arts. In this piece, the dancer also seeks blessings of the guru and the audience. It was a delight to watch the perfection in Christine's chowk and tribhangi postures.  

The other dance pieces presented by Christine were Pallavi and Moksha dedicated to Goddess Durga. Christine lives in Germany and teaches Odissi dance at the Indian Cultural Institute in Frankfurt. She is actively involved in performing Odissi dance all over Europe. That she strictly adheres to Mayadhar Raut style is very evident in her dance performance. 

The evening progressed with typical traditional Odissi dance items by Nanaki Singh, Rakhi Khanna and Jayanti Chakraborty. They are senior disciples of Madhumita Raut. It was a delight to watch their Odissi Champu Bhongi Chahan... and Sandhya Tandava.