Bharatham Amudham - A seamless performance
Photos: Naveen Medi
February 29, 2008 

Beautiful colors, coordinated movements, melodious sounds and team spirit were the backbone of the collaborative Bharatanatyam performance "Bharatham Amudham" at the Kaplan Theater, Jewish Community Center on Saturday 16th February. This was the first known collaborative performance in Houston between two established dance schools. The performance by Padmini Chari of Nrithya School of Dance and Indrani Parthasarathy of Abhinaya School of Performing Arts along with their senior students was brought to the Houstonians by the Bharathi Kalai Manram of Houston and partly funded by the Cultural Arts Council of Harris County.

The program began with an energetic Ananda Narthana Ganapathy a prayer to Lord Ganesha by Indrani, Seetha and Anupama followed by a crisp rhythmic piece Nandi Chol by Padmini, Nadi, Asha, Akila and Nisha. This was followed by Nrithya Swaravali by Avany and Seetha, which was neatly executed. Definitely the highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Nrithyopaharam "Ninne neranammi naanura." Performed by Padmini and Indrani along with their students Nadi, Asha, Anupama and Archana the dance held the attention of the audience, for its crisply executed teermanams and storytelling. Indrani and Padmini stood out in their histrionic abilities during their depiction of the various stories of Krishnavatharam. This was a treat for the audience that had braved the bad weather. The post varnam session began with a dance called Cauvery presented by younger students Neeraja, Maya, Sita, Karthika, Priyanka and Anamika. Yen Palli Kondirayya was performed by seasoned performers Asha and Nadi. 

The mature solo presentations of Parashakti and Skanda by Indrani and Padmini respectively brought out their deep understanding and appreciation of the classical art An interesting classical number Maya Kannan in colorful folk costumes by Asha, Nadi, Akila, Nisha and Sheela followed. Thaye Yashoda was creatively choreographed and presented while the Brindavana Saranga Thillana was indeed the energetic finale with beautifully coordinated moves. The dance ended in a mangalam "Shanthi nilava vendum" based on Ghandiji's principles of non-violence and peace was portrayed very effectively by Padmini and Indrani. The performance was appreciated for cohesiveness, coordination and seamlessness in presentation by the two dance schools.