A vibrant performance  
- Syamala Rangan 
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January 30, 2008 

It was the first time I watched Mrinalini's Kuchipudi dance recital at Ayyapan temple, Kodambakam, Chennai. I enjoyed her performance so much that I followed to her next program at Mahabalipuram.  

Mrinalini Sadananda enchanted the audience with her fabulous performance on the 10th of January at Mahabalipuram festival.  She opened the program with "Govardhana giridhare" set to ragamalika and Adi talam. Mrinalini has depicted the story of Krishna stealing the clothes of gopis. She defined sringara and well balanced rasas through her wonderful facial expressions that the audience could well visualize the gopis and Krishna right in front of them. One minute she showed mischievous Krishna, the next minute the reactions of angry gopis in an exciting contrast.   

This was followed by Jaya Priya Vikraman's Annamaya keerthana "Palukutenalathalli" set to ragam Abheri, talam khandacapu.  Jaya Priya was smooth and subtle in her presentation of this keerthanam. Mrinalini came back to the stage with a brisk and dainty presentation of a keerthana by Annamayya, "Muddugare Yasoda," ragam kuranji, talam Adi. The abduction of Rukmini by Krishna was profoundly striking. Mrinalini was precise in her movements. Live music with nattuvangam by Satyapriya Ramana complemented the dance.