My Saviour: An Indian version  
- Padma Jayaraj, Thrissur 
January 11, 2008 

My Savior is a light and sound mega show, a grand spectacle that tells the story of the life of Jesus Christ, by Soorya, a well-known cultural organization of 30 years standing. Krishnamoorthy who founded Soorya started the movement of Theater freedom. And the show is an example of his model of the theater. The nonstop, two-hour mega show is a grand spectacle in which Christian perception is given an Indian dimension. It is a collage of Vedic concepts, Biblical myths, geographical and historical realities enhanced by the magic of technology.  
The show begins with thunder and lightning; the screen projecting cinematic visuals of the scientific theory of the big-bang. Although the title suggests Bible, the show begins with the chanting of Oum. "Word was God," echoes in our intellectual horizon. Then Gayatri mantra invokes "Let there be Light," the Indian concept.  

The entire theory of Creation has an Indian facet. Then seasons color the Earth. Nature becomes a creative energy, the mother. Christ the son of God is born out of her. From the freedom of the artist is born the story of Christ as presented in My Savior. 
The stage dramatizes the biblical stories: the important events in the life of Jesus. And on the screen we watch clippings from films like the Bible, Benhur etc which gives an authentic backdrop of geographic and historical realities to the events on stage.  
The choruses sing and dance carrying the story forward. Tableaux are formed to highlight and dramatize the landmarks in the life of Jesus: the birth of Jesus, the Magi from the East following a star, seeking refuge in Rome, the boy Jesus declaring his mission, John the Baptist, baptizing Jesus and then the long journey of him becoming Christ.  
Somewhere at the back of our memories, the saga of parallel myths zoom. As we watch King Herod ordering the Massacre of Innocents, we are reminded of Kamsa seeking baby Krishna to murder him. The temptations that haunt Jesus in the desert are pictured as hallucinations that take the tormented mind to the brink of madness. Perhaps, spiritual path is beset with such overwhelming experiences. The miracles that Christ performs highlight a different dimension and a spiritual connotation that uplifts the stories from the realm of the mundane. His brand of preaching through parables and the choice of his disciples are turning points in his path. His justice is different from the then known laws. It inverted a mirror into the self before judging: look within before you judge. Mary of Magdalene becomes his follower!! Miracles, disciples, and followers point to the birth of Christianity. The Last Supper and his journey towards Calvary are wrought with pain. Crucifixion and Resurrection are juxtaposed as Manís willful negation of the good and the mystery of the divine.  
"At some point of time in human history, Christ was hijacked by Europe," said Krishnamoorthy, the director and choreographer of My Savior. And so he placed special emphasis on Christ hailing from Asia, a truism often forgotten.  More than hundred artists, all non-Christians, recreated the life and time of Jesus Christ, with passionate involvement, a tribute to our eclectic spirit at a time when religion is hijacked by politicians. Art is an integrating force; art is both for art's sake and life's sake is the message of My Savior.