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"Dancing is a beautiful way to say thank you to your body and join the human race."
- Twyla Tharp

"I see dance as a visual, tactile, and sensual language, structured with a specific vocabulary and idiom, within an organic bind of space/time principles and, most importantly, related to the dynamics of energy and flow with a capacity to recharge human beings."
- Chandralekha
('I believe dance is a 'Project' to enable a recovery of the body, of our spine,', Dec 30, 2020)

"It's not easy in the digital era to get a full house for live shows, to keep the curtains up. Performers have to think of ways to make their art more appealing to the real world."
- Eddie Nixon
('A Place of his own' by Chitra Swaminathan, The Hindu Friday Review, Sept 23, 2016)

"Dance choreography is like composing music. Any artist that exactly knows what is going to happen on the stage is not creating much."
- Astad Deboo
('Dance like Astad' by Ramu Ramanathan, Indian Express, Dec 14, 2020)

"The coronavirus has interrupted and upended the performing arts, but it's also made something clear about dance: It isn't beholden to a proscenium stage. Its visibility, through TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and, yes, even people on the street, has been undeniable, even with theaters shut down. Dancers are still performing and choreographers are still creating, be it for a premiere on video, a reinvention of a classic or a combination of the two. While there's no denying that this is an incredibly difficult time for dance and dance artists, it's also been a privilege to witness such imagination and resilience."
- Gia Kourlas
('Best Dance of 2020' by Gia Kourlas, Brian Seibert and Siobhan Burke, The New York Times, Dec 1, 2020)

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