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BIC - attendance present
World Dance Day
Curated by Ashish Khokar
May 5, 2024 Bangalore

April 21, 2024

As per UN Convention, April 29 is designated as International Dance Day. Attendance celebrates on the first Sunday following it, since India has a rich plethora of classical, folk, film dances. Bangalore is a hub to all forms and BIC with curator Ashish Khokar, bring to audiences a complete experience of various forms through the written word, the documented world, the filmed world and the performance world. Featuring over 55 dancers, the occasion brings three generations of gurus, dancers, writers and more on a leisurely Sunday afternoon starting at 4pm ending at 9pm.

The best of Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi, and Modern come together through the child prodigies to star names. This is the 10th year of this famed Dance Day celebration, mentored and curated by Ashish Khokar, reputed dance critic and editor of India's only yearbook on dance - attendance, now in its 25th year! Many dance careers have been made by this platform, considered prestigious, as selection is only on merit. The whole evening is planned to unfold like a flower - drone-view by 21 photos at entrance first; onstage assembly of 30 young shishyas in many forms followed by 9 top soloists, one ballet group work and in the end, coming together of the marginalised male ang. Diversity of forms along with popularly learnt ones are platformed and each brings to stage a rare composition or fare. No dancer repeats the item of same form in their repertoire and this careful curation ends in a crescendo of many dancers coming together. 55 on 5/5!

Bangalore International Centre

Starts with DANCIN' PHOTOS exhibition by Trio- Suresh Babu, Madhukar & Ravi in foyer/garden
4.20pm- Move indoors stage for:
Opening Ceremony starts by 30 dancers in 30 minutes. Inauguration by Vani Ganapathy

Participating groups and forms:
Bharatanatyam by guru Gayatri Keshavan ensemble
Kathak by NADAM ensemble
Odissi by Nrityantar ensemble
Modern by Vishwakiran Nambi
Mohiniattam by Nair Sisters' shishyas
Kuchipudi by guru Veena Murthy's shishyas

Washim Raja
Washim Raja

5pm: Film and Book: Mohan Khokar - the father-figure of Indian dance history by IGNCA
5.15pm: The art of the soloist: Aditya Nataraja (BN)
5.30pm: Bharatanatyam by Shaivi Gururaj
5.45pm: Kathak by Laxminarayan Jena
6pm: Bharatanatyam by Archana-Chetana
6.30pm: Kuchipudi by Washim Raja
6.50pm: Bharatanatyam by Bianca Radhakrishnan
7.20pm: Ballet - Gandhi Gita by Rasadhwani
7.40pm: Bharatanatyam by Shobhit Ramesh
8pm: Bharatanatyam by Aishwarya Nityanand
8.20pm: Purush Ensemble - Nikhil Parmar, Anil Iyer, Washim Raja and Vishwakiran Nambi
8.30pm: dinner for all participants (108)

BIC - attendance present World Dance Day

BIOS of main artistes:
As per list of appearance above

Guru Gayathri Keshavan
represents the Tillai Baani and presents Mallari which is an invocatory item for the utsav murthy procession.
Dancers: Sharadi Kaushik, Panchami Prakash, Ananya S.J, Ananya Barve

Nadam will present Ganesh Vandana - an ode to the elephant headed Ganesha - God of auspiciousness and dispeller of obstacles. Performed by students of Gurus Nandini Mehta and Muralimohan Kalva. Both are attendance awardees.

Nrityantar started a decade ago in Bangalore when dancer Madhulita Mohapatra made it home and has trained many in the art form. She is an SNA youth awardee too. The group presents Mangalacharan.

Primarily trained in Contemporary Dance and Martial arts, Vishwakiran Nambi and student
Shrijani Rao trained under him for over 6 years will present a short excerpt from a piece titled 'Yele Oota'. Music by Gopu Krishnan.

Students of Nair Sisters - Veena & Dhanya, artistic directors, Nirgala Temple of Arts - present the traditional invocation from the Mohiniyattam repertoire, a composition in Ragamalika, set to Talamalika.

Guru Veena Murthy
is a distinguished academician-dancer of Kuchipudi, who has helped enhance Bangalore city's cultural profile too. Her students present Tarangam to conclude this segment of the Opening Ceremony.

Film and Book on Mohan Khokar by IGNCA
Prof.Mohan Khokar's (1924-1999) centenary is being celebrated nation-wide in 2024. A pioneer in dance academics (founder-head of MSU, Baroda Dance Dept), administration (SNA-Sect; NSD and Kathak Kendra incharge) and editor of Marg, he collected and created India's largest dance archives now donated to the nation @ IGNCA, Delhi.

Aditya Nataraja, 13 year old, is a child prodigy of Bangalore trained by attendance awardee acharya Deepa Krishnamurthy. He will be doing an invocatory Pushpanjali with Idadhu Padam.

Shaivi Gururaj, 15, is trained by acharya Rajendran Srinivasan and will be performing a Pushpanjali composed by Trichur Janardhanan, followed by Dasarapada Baro Krishnayya.

Laxminarayan Jena, 33, is a happening Kathak dancer trained by Guru Mysore Nagaraj. He is an attendance awardee and SNA youth awardee. He will present an Ode to Shiva - Damru har har baaje - in 14 beat (Dhamar) cycle.

Archana and Chetana, 34, disciples of guru B. Bhanumati and guru Sheela Chandrashekar
bring the beauty of old-fashioned Bharatanatyam by Pushpanjali and a padam, yaarukkum adangada neeli.

Washim Raja, 33, is an adroit Kuchipudi dancer trained by Guru Vanashree Rao, Delhi. He will be doing Mahadeva Shiva Shambho, Ragamala, taal adi and Thillana, raag- Sindhu Bhairavi, taal adi.

Bianca Radhakrishna, 33, is a lifelong learner, student of Bharatanatyam under Guru Radha Sridhar. She enjoys sharing her love for dance with her dedicated students. She performs
Pannagendra Shayana (a composition of Maharaja Swati Tirunal.

Dr. Uma Anantani's Rasadhwani, Ahmedabad, present "Gandhi Gita," symbolically blending Bhagavad Gita and Gandhi's autobiography. Saffron- Green - White reflects Gandhi's duplexity - harmony - liberation accompanied by Jayan Nair's music.

Shobhit Ramesh, 25 is an upcoming talent of Parshwanath Upadhye of North Kanara. His statuesque poses and frame make him look like a temple frieze come to life. He will be presenting an ode to Vishnu.

Aishwarya Nityananda 37, is a star of Bharatanatyam as taught by Guru Radha Sridhar. She will undertake a Kriti on Lord Shiva by Jaya Chamarajendra Wodeyar and conclude with a Devaranama by Saint Sripadaraya.

Purush Ensemble 3 - Nikhil Parmar (Kathak), Anil Iyer (BN), Washim Raja (Kuchipudi) and Vishwakiran Nambi (modern), all happening dancers in their respective forms show how each form sits on the male body while doing solo and in end, as a group.

Event conducted by Anjali Urs, academician-dancer.


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