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SUNAINA presents
The Legends of Jyotirlingam
October 11-21, 2022 North India

October 3, 2022

SUNAINA presents their latest production ‘The Legends of Jyotirlingam’ - A saga of dances depicting the mythological stories of 12 Jyotirlingam of India.
Concept, Direction and Choreography by Kanaka Sudhakar and music by Athul Kumar

SUNAINA tours 5 cities of North India from 11th October to 21st October with The Legends of Jyotirlingam, sponsored by the National Culture Fund, Ministry of Culture.

The Legends of Jyotirlingam

Tour dates
11th October - Kamani Auditorium, 7pm, Delhi
14th October - Ram Mandir Auditorium, 7pm, Somnath
16th October - Grasim Khel Parisar, 7pm, Nagda
19th October - Subah-e-Benaras, Assi Ghat, 5.30pm, Varanasi
21st October - Dept of Culture Auditorium, 6.30pm, Dehradun

KANAKA SUDHAKAR is the Founder President of SUNAINA - Society for the Upliftment of National Arts of India, which was established in 1994 and now has three wings - Nrityabharati (dancer training wing), Kala Khoj (research section) and Bharata Muni Spirituo Cultural Academic Centre (BMSCAC- educational wing) through which she plans to build an ideal education system in which spiritual, cultural and academic training go side by side.

Info: / 8588802608

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