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Kri Foundation - In/Motion International Dance Film Festival present
Dance + The Camera
August 25 - Sept 1, 2022

August 20, 2022

Spanning over 8 days and including 66 films that have been specially curated, this is the dance film event you do not want to miss. The Kri Foundation and the In/Motion Dance Film Festival present Dance + the Camera celebrating the resiliency and innovation of South Asian artists in a free online screening of numerous events. Each curation is available for 48 hours.

Kri Foundation - In/Motion International Dance Film Festival

Dr. Arshiya Sethi has curated dance films by dancers of South Asian dance practices and dance film makers from South Asia, for the In/Motion International Dance Film Festival.

She has been associated with the In/Motion Festival for several years now since 2019, when she got a chance to host the Executive Director of the Festival, Amy Wilkinson on a three city roadshow of the juried selection of films from their last festival. Then in 2020, she was asked to be part of its jury and finally in 2021, Kri Foundation hosted a two-session outreach of which one of the sessions were on Indian dance films. Then for 2022, Kri Foundation offered to curate the entire festival for them as a South Asian special.

Coincidentally this year coincided with the start of Kri Foundation's twentieth year and Sethi's own twenty years of promoting Dance and the Camera initiatives. Consequently, this is the largest and grandest curation Kri Foundation has done.

"As my farewell curation since it marks twenty years of my efforts, mostly single handed, in promoting dance for the camera in India, and in endeavouring to create an awareness and environment for the genre. So, I am grateful for the opportunity that I got with this festival. I know this is the right time for me to step back and leave the field for the next generation of leadership, and I am bowled over with their talent and enthusiasm. Only good things lie ahead for this art form," says Sethi.

"This year's In/Motion festival has 9 segments of under 45 mins curation for each. We have used dance films made by dancers and dance film makers from the four South Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and their diasporas around the world. We have dancers, artistes, technicians representing over 14 countries in the curation of the 67 films.
Regrettably, the uncertain political situation in Sri Lanka prevented us from getting more films from there. We are fortunate to have a lot of young dancers and some senior and iconic dancers and dance companies sharing their work with us."

The 9 segments, 3 separate daylong curations are available free, but you need to register in advance, here

Please note segments 1, 2 & 3 will be available ONLINE from 25th to 27th August, segments 4,5 & 6 from 27th to 29th August and segments 7, 8 & 9 on 29th to 31st August. On September 1st, all films will be available for one day.

Kri Foundation - In/Motion International Dance Film Festival

- From 25th August to 27th August
1. Aamad ( Grand Opening): This segment contains 12 films- "Samnaba", "Holi", "Touch the Sound", Within", a set of six films "Entwined", "Enframed", "Meltdown", "Wrapped", "Unravel" and "Empassion", all part of a larger work called "Within from Within", "The Awakening" and "Imagine".
2. Dancing the Political: This segment contains 4 films- " Bismillah" (shortest film at 30 seconds) "Footprints in Blood" ( longest film at 22 mins), "With Bells on her Feet" and "Waterbodies".
3. Interrogating Practice: This segment contains 9 films- "Looped", "Mirage", "Red Stamp", "Vasantham", "Sakhi he: An emovere", "Encounter", "Revisiting Self", "Dancing Aloud" and "Yarning".

- From 27th August to 29th August
4. Kaleidoscope: This segment has 4 films- "Enchanted", "Dotted Bodies", "Harmony of Life" and "Look it's me".
5. Environmentscape: This segment has 9 films- "Prithvi Tatvam", "Fly Fly", "Asking Permission", "Larien Mathek", "Forest", "Mother's care", "Peacock", "Stinking", and "We can make a difference".
6. Dance as 'Art'ivism: This segment contains 5 films- "Vaishnava: Being Human", "Aparajitha", "Be a Man", "the blues of my unravelling are laced with the salt of your memory", "Aagneyi: The fire within".

- From 29th August to 31st August
7. Spaces: This segment has 13 films- "One with the flow", "Intro", "Twilight on the port", "Long day's journey into night", a set of seven films in the series Boxed- "Bathtub", "The Bathing area", "The Bean bag", " The kitchen counter", " The suitcase", "The mirrored wardrobe" and "The Balcony" and "Chaturasra Pada".
8. To the Roots: This segment contains 5 films- "Nrityayoga", "Mahakali", "Sarpatatvam", "Kamalambika" and "Tryambakam"
9. At Home in the World: This last segment has 6 films- "Dastak: Earth", "Butterfly effect", "Light falling on white flowers", "Tango Dreams", "Aasha" and "Urban Nritta".

- On 1st September 2022 all films will be available for one day.

For more info & registration:

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