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International Dance Council
A Partner of Unesco celebrates
International World Dance Day
MOVE 2022 by KLMovement
April 29, 2022

April 17, 2022

Created and established in 1982 by the International Dance Council UNESCO, World Dance Day is celebrated on the birth date of Jean- Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet.

“MOVE  International World Dance Day (IWDD) 2022 is my continuing humble effort to create, connect and celebrate dance by internationally renowned established dance professionals and emerging talents in the performing arts dance scene in all forms of dance for ‘Unity through Dance’ regardless of race, gender, age, boundary, nationality, boundary, school or discipline, with a shared passion to join hands to come together for a greater message and cause; a movement. The Arts now more than ever is needed as a solace, a diversion and escapism and comfort in an uphill unwarned battle of continuous on-going pandemic that has wreaked lives unrecognizable and a brutal war that exploded just recently.

Unlike MOVE 2021 where the global effort was sparked by an initiative to break free of the lockdown gridlock, MOVE 2022 echoes this if not more. At the points where restrictions were slightly lifted, the health of one country to the next is illustrated in the possibilities of the performing arts, the juxtaposition of dancing in any confined space one could find to even bedrooms in MOVE 2021 are now contrasted by theatres, studio spaces and even historical locations.

A breath of fresh air in pockets of freedom with equally few resources and financial strangle enough to cripple any artiste from the year before were once again saved by favors we could muster from mutual understandings and equally passionate people for artistes and gratefully appreciated to keep going.  This initiative is a non-profit and we are now running on a donations basis.

“In a world of disorder and disaster and fraud, sometimes only beauty can be trusted. Only artistic excellence is incorruptible. Pleasure cannot be bargained down.” – Elizabeth Gilbert.

Michelle Jueney

International World Dance Day UNESCO

Date: April 29, 2022

MYS/SG 7pm
NY 7am
FR 12pm
UK 11am
SPAIN 12pm
Instagram: @iwdd_official

YouTube Channel: Official International World Dance Day

PHILIPPE SOLANO presents ‘Three W.O.A.L’ (France)
THREE WOAL (Three Women Of A Life) is a ballet created by Philippe Solano, a full-time soloist dancer at the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse with 3 of his dance colleagues. Three very different love relationships; passionate but destructive love, light and friendly love and finally powerful and true love, relationships that animate a man’s life. For the music, the choreographer called on a young composer named Clément Marty who perfectly understood Philippe’s musical wishes and did a remarkable job of it. Lover of the neoclassical dance style, he likes to make dance movements speak through the body pushing back its own limits, an abstract way of conveying emotion and travel to the audience. Philippe has always been passionate about choreography but never had the time to devote to it being a full-time dancer, decided to create this superb experience and imagine his project with a lot of passion and relentless investment during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

Three W.O.A.L premiered on the 28th of June 2021 in Arles and 11th of July 2021 in the incredible famed Théâtre du Capitole in Toulouse.
Choreographer: Philippe Solano
Dancers: Natalia De Froberville, Kayo Nakazato, Solène Monnereau and Philippe Solano
Musician/s: Clément Marty
Videographer: Vincent Dubar and Anil Bhoslé
Editors: Tiphaine Prévost and Jérémy Leydier

SINGAPORE CHINESE DANCE THEATRE presents ‘Susurration of the Tree’
Inspired by the awe for nature, The Susurration of the Tree choreographed by Neo Jenny, explores the relationship between trees and man. “How often have we stopped to listen? To their murmurs so wise, so reassuring, so serene, as we hustle-bustle and lose all measures of peace.” As Jenny ponders, she also revisualises that the trail to success comes with will, resilience, and determination.

This new work is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Jenny and musician Yong Kailin, Dr Tan Qing Lun and Jeffrey Tan. Original music was composed, with improvisation done in reaction to the dancers’s movements, with a wide range of instruments, from dizi, xiao, xun, violin, voices and other auxiliary instruments, enhanced with music soundscape. Listen closely to the resonating notes as it brings us into nature and the dialogue between the dancers and the musicians.

Choreographer: Neo Jenny
Dancers: Wong Zhuo Qin, Zhang Yin, Neo Ke Xin, Gabriella Gleichenia Gautama, Wong Wen Ru
Music Production: House of Music
Original Music by: Yong Kailin, Dr Tan Qing Lun, Jeffrey Tan Wei Yang
Female Vocal: Neo Jenny
Mixing and mastering: Vynil SG
Video Production: Abacus Arts Studio
Costume and Set: Ann Lim Sew Howa
Makeup & Hairstyling:  Hong Ruwang, Tan Pek Kuang
Photograph: Kuang Jingkai

JEREMY ALBERGE presents ‘Agape’ (France/Israel)
Jeremy’s choreographic aspirations are not defined by any specific style of dance, rather a play on the contact points between movement languages. The work he creates stems from the living and evolving dialogue between disciplines and inspirations. “This is the first run in the dance studio of my latest piece ‘Agapé’, created in 7 days for 13 dancers of ‘La Fabrik’ in Paris, The work will be performed in June 2022.”

Choreographer: Jeremy Alberge
Dancers: Cloé Sousa, Nolwenn Heyn, Lisa Langlois, Audrey Valentin Fournier, Arianna Arellano, Paul Picheloup, Mell Herbaut, Yael Houerou, Karena Rajaoba, Laura Uzan, Lola Dillsenseger, Ines Ray Collin, Maya Saur.
Musicians: Caetano Veloso, Jean Sibellius, Ran Bagano and Aris San.
Videographer: Jeremy Alberge

HUMANHOOD presents ‘Torus’ (United Kingdom)
From an apple to the Earth’s magnetic field, and described in Eastern practices as the energetic field: Torus. This piece is a journey that starts far out in the cosmos and implodes into planet Earth where a communal rhythm is shared and expressed by humans, merging the energetic synergy and physical vocabulary of Humanhood into a tribal hurricane of effortless fluidity. Light, movement and sound are at the core of a show in which the perception of time is altered to recreate a world where rhythm becomes visual, sonic and kinaesthetic.

Concept, Artistic Direction & Choreography: Júlia Robert Parés and Rudi Cole
Performance: Original Cast (Tseng Tzu-Yi, Jill Goh, Connor Scott, Rudi Cole and Julia Robert)
Light Design: Tom Visser in collaboration with Rudi Cole & Julia Robert
Costume Design: Mark Howard in collaboration with Rudi Cole & Julia Robert
Music & Composition: Kamil Boguslawski and Kamil Ilcewicz (EIF) in collaboration with Rudi Cole & Julia Robert
Music Mastering: Alex Forster
Percussion: Huang Zhiwei (Ten Drum Art Percussion Group) & Rudi Cole recorded at Ten Drum Cultural Centre, Taiwan. Voice: Julia Robert
Technical Production Manager: Marius Arnold-Clarke
Commissioned by Birmingham Dance Hub, DanceXchange, Festival Sismograf and Sadlers Wells
Supported by La Caldera, RocaUmbert, Birmingham University & The Place
Funded by Arts Council England
Recorded at Mercat de les Flors during Festival Grec de Barcelona 2019

LEE SWEE KEONG presents ‘Breath’ (Malaysia)
Dancer & Choreographer: Lee Swee Keong (NyobaKan)
Musician: Yii kah Hoe

YONG FONG SIN presents ‘Chasing Dreams’ (Singapore)
Do you still remember your childhood dreams? It seems like only yesterday when we were young and naive, the precise reason why we were so brave to follow our hearts and pursue our dreams. Now, a look at where we are today, how many of us are truly doing what we like? How many of our dreams were crushed by the brutality of this reality?

Chasing Dreams illustrates the process of a young artiste chasing his dream. Initially, he was fearful and confused, uncertain if pursuing his dream was the right choice to make. However, when he took the leap of faith and pursued his dream, he realised that was when he was the happiest. Regardless of the ordeals that our dreams put us through, some of us will still pursue them. That’s the magic of dreams. This piece implores you, the audience, to ponder the question—will you still chase your dream, despite everything?

Choreographer: Yong Fong Sin
Dancers: Yong Fong Sin
1. Withered Dreams (Erhu version) by 千年破晓 Cover: 二胡妹
2. Rapid As Wildfires by Yu-peng Chen (@HOYO-MiX) Cover:
Lighting Designer: Ignatius Tan Yi Zhang
Artistic Director: Neo Jenny
Videographer: Edwin Lee
Production Director: Benedict Soh

KAR KAH CHAN presents ‘Going Home’ (Malaysia)
‘Going Home’ explores the identity of Nanyang Chinese dancers.
Through elements of minority ethnic folk dances and the context of contemporary Chinese dance, the piece illustrates the concept of ‘home’ and the uncertainty of one’s identity while being away from home. It questions the dancer’s body language and emotions, how she perceives the present experiences, and how she navigates through future thoughts.
Choreographer: Kar Kah Chan
Dancers: Zhuo Qin Wong
Lighting Designer: Ignatius Tan Yi Zheng

MICHELLE JUENEY presents ‘Shankarabaranam Pallavi’
Pallavi literally means blossoming. Pallavi is a pure dance item (nritta) weaved in a garland of graceful and lyrical movements accompanied by equally melodic rhythmic patterns elaborated by the raga starting slow, building in a crescendo to climax in a fast tempo at the end. The Pallavi gradually unfolds the particular Raga upon which it is based: thus a beautiful tapestry of rhythm, music and movement is created.

Odissi is an Indian classical dance form of India dating back to 2nd century B.C originating from the state of Odisha. Odissi is identified by the emphasis of the thribhangi (3 bends of the head, torso and hip) and the chauka (the square position) elaborated through eye movements, body postures and footwork.
There is ‘nritta’ (pure dance) and ‘abhinaya’ (expressive) dance.

Composition: Guru Pankaj Charan Das
Original music copyright
Film and Editor: Eric Foo & Hui Li Low
Venue: Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam
Location: Bukit Rotan, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
Acknowledgements: The Board of Trustees Sanathana Dharma Foundation &  Temple Management Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam

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