Satisfying recital by young Priyanka Iyer

January 22, 2017

Priyanka Iyer, a seventeen year old disciple of Guru Kripa Baskaran, gave a satisfying recital of Bharatanatyam under the NRI series of the Hamsadwani sabha, Chennai, on December 30, 2016. She commenced her recital with a 'Ganga Sthuthi' by Adi Shankara, "Devi Sureshwari Bhagawathi Gange" meaning: O Devi Bagawathi Ganga, you are a joy to all; he who has drunk your pure water, indeed, he will obtain the highest abode; you are the uplifter of the fallen." Priyanka's abhinaya for this piece was exquisite.

The next item was "Eesane indha ezhaikirangi innum thaamasama... Sree Chidambara vaasane Jagadeesane Kanaka Sabesane Natarajane..." This krithi by Papanasam Sivan mentions 'there are no counts for the births that I have taken, as an ant, as fly, and as human, without rest, for food and sleep." Priyanka delineated these lines well through her convincing abhinaya. Then came the central piece in Charukesi ragam "Innum en Manam..., Munnam payindratho in natakamellam...Kanna Kamala Kanna Manivanna..., Kuzhaloothum azhaga Kanna," one of the masterpieces of the violin maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman. The sanchari relating the Sudhama episode was well portrayed by Priyanka and the jathis neatly executed. Thirupur Krishnan, editor of the famous Tamil magazine 'Amudhasurabhi', spoke highly of the stage presence of Priyanka and drew parallels from literary works.

"Jagadhodharana" in Kapi ragam referred to Yashodha playing with the one whom even the Vedas have not really found. Priyanka's depiction of this krithi of Purandara Dasa was suitably imbued with bhakti. Priyanka concluded with "Kanda naal mudhalal kaadhal perugudhadi..." in ragam Madhuvanti on Lord Muruga and with a lilting thillana of Lalgudi Jayaraman in the same raga.

The orchestral support by Murali Parthasarathi on vocal, percussion by M.S. Sukhi and Rijesh Gopala Krishnan on violin greatly enriched the recital. Srilatha wielded the cymbals very well. Priyanka, with her extremely good stage presence, deep rooted interest and great passion for the art will be a good addition to the emerging artists, with the blessings of her guru Kripa Baskaran.