The Silapadigaaram is authored by Ilango Adigal and approximately dated to the 2nd century AD. Unlike texts like the Natya Sastra, Dattitam etc, this is not a musical treatise but built into the story are details about the music and dance of the times and it is a veritable guide to understanding their society.
(‘Celebrating unheard melodies’ by TM Krishna, The Hindu, Dec 25, 2010)

According to some, Lord Jagannath is called Badathakur, his temple is Badadeula, and the lane in front of the temple is known as Badadanda. The offering (bhoga) is called Mahaprasad. Everything related to Lord Jagannath is bada and maha (big or huge), so maybe for this reason, the devadasis are named Mahari.
(‘Maharis: the temple dancers of Orissa’ by Aloka Kanungo, Nartanam, Apr-July 2006)

Kottaiyur Sivakkolundu Desikar composed the Sarabendra Bhupala Kuravanji, a dance drama of the Kuravanji genre. In praise of King Sarabhoji II of Tanjavur, it was danced by a group of select devadasis on select occasions.

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