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Noopuraagama- 1st Dance Research Journal of India
- Vaishnavi

April 20, 2013

In the present scenario of art research field, bringing out a research journal is understood to be of absolute necessity. In this regard, there is neither any documentation nor internationally registered magazines with media and academic background, to publish the opinions of researchers, or publish their writings. Research papers presented on any special occasion or seminar, if not published in a journal, will not be of any value. For many years the art field has been facing the dearth for a research journal which can give a standard quality, and act as a guiding element for further healthy research. Realizing this lacuna, the Noopura Bhramari Dance Researchers’ Forum has come up with a dedicated endeavor of commitment towards search-research work which gives support and inspiration to the interested research group.  Hence, the Noopura Bhramari Dance Researchers’ Forum comprising of resource persons, experts in the field of education and media has brought out a Registered Annual research Journal with ISSN No. exclusively for researches.

The forum was officially inaugurated on 20th February 2012 and completed the day long annual national conference on February 15, 2013 also. Since its inception, more than 50 interested persons from Karnataka and outside have enrolled as members and many of them are well known researchers, academicians and scholars. Eventually this platform has become a boon to upcoming researchers to present and publish their papers. The forum is committed to growth with a bond of love, sharing and support to build a strong family transcending the limitations of a formal atmosphere. Among the various projects of the forum, the Art Research Conference, the publication of dance research books, the special periodical meant for art research, an exclusive library for art research, Vikasana Goshti- orientation courses and study based seminars-workshops-lectures-demonstrations are the major ones. Along with these, the foundation has strengthened its aspirations with its bi-monthly magazine Noopura Bhramari, annual critic award and other publications.

Dance research today faces problems like duplication of topics due to lapse in the system of recording the work done, lack of responsibility and direction in the process of subject selection, talents wasted in the hands of selfish and unauthentic guides etc., to name a few. With these conditions prevailing, the path of art research is full of confusions and disorder. Vested personalized interests, which is a disastrous condition has damaged academic discipline for research starts with selflessness and not selfishness. Even genuine researchers are tied up helplessly denied of sources, opportunities etc. due to such unfriendly environment in the research arena. Despite all these negative forces, there is still a ray of hope and confidence that research life has its opening which has to be earnestly and patiently sought.

There are several questions posing the art research field. Especially, in case of the performing arts including dance, the very relevance of research to the very practical aspects of the art form is often doubted. If at all convinced, then the next query would be about the nature of art research. Questions related to standards, disciplines, methodologies, objectives, relevance to the present day forms, challenges in the path, opportunities for research, the probable life span for research, etc., keep shooting up. Such questions can be attempted to be answered only with academic support which need to be constantly gauged with a practical outlook, especially in the case of a performing art to make research realistic. Noopuraagama has tried its level best to bring an answer for all the questions posed above.

Noopura Bhramari that started as an art periodical took the form of a Trust and later ventured into the publishing house and now has also opened a wing meant for art research, focusing on creating awareness about necessity of research in the field of art and also creating a platform for presenting papers for researchers. Dance Researchers’ Forum has now created a history. Research responsibilities will not finish by fulfilling the PhD regulations and publications. In fact such people will not be justified to be called as researchers also. It is the aspiration of Noopura Bhramari Foundation to develop researchers in order to meet research discipline irrespective of Phd / M.Phil degrees. In this relation, Noopuraagama is fruitful contribution to the field of research and dance.

The journal is bi-lingual, consisting of 4 articles in Kannada and 2 articles in English with bi-lingual editorial and 4 expert notes.
Specialities of the journal: 6 research articles on dance history and its linguistics, contemporary ideologies, aesthetics, practicality, communication strategies and media + bilingual editorial discussing the process and challenges of art and research, research guidelines and articles by 4 experts - Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh- multilingual scholar, Dr. Shesha Shastri- cultural historian, Dr. H.S. Gopala Rao - epigraphist and historian, Shridhar –dancer/researcher.

Pages: 148
Price: 200 Rs
Editor: Manorama BN
Publication: Noopura Bhramari Dance Researchers’ Forum, Bangalore / Madikeri

Vaishnavi is a freelance writer and art connoisseur residing in Puttur of Dakshina Kannada District in Karnataka.

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