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Tribute to Pt. Birju Maharaj
- Geeta Chandran

January 17, 2022

"Maharaj ji", truly that honorific most aptly suited this artist. He was -- and will continue to be --  the Maharaj of Kathak. His artistry, sense of timing, deep understanding of music, mastery over rhythm made him a complete artist. Very few artists have been equally good as performers and as teachers. Maharaj ji certainly scaled new heights in both roles.

As an artist who has grown up in Delhi, one has been fortunate to watch his work very closely. Inspired and always awe struck by his ability to have the audience eating out of his palms, one left the auditorium each time super charged, setting higher standards for oneself.

His contribution to the world of dance is indeed historic, and will certainly be carried forward by his absolutely amazing tribe of disciples and students.

Loss yes.  But also hope in the fact that he has lit many lamps that will continue to spread the light...

Prayers for your onward journey, Maharaj ji.

Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandran is the artistic director of Natya Vriksha, Delhi.

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