February 1 - 24, 2017 Odisha, Baroda, New Delhi

Schedule for Geeta Chandran and Natya Vriksha
- Feb 1 – 5: As part of SPIC-MACAY’s special outreach to tribal area schools, Geeta Chandran and troupe will travel to Orissa for performances as follows around Sambalpur:
1st Feb Titlagarh; 2nd Feb Titlagarh and Bolangir; 3 & 4 Feb: four lec-dems in Jharsuguda
Accompanying artists: Nattuvangam and dance assistance: Radhika Kathal; vocals: Jyothi Sridevi; mridangam: R. Kesavan; flute: Rohit Prasanna.
- Feb 9: As part of the Nritya Parva 2017 hosted in Baroda by the Anjali Memorial Committee,  Geeta Chandran will perform solo Bharatanatyam ANEKANTA and will focus on the theme of multi-culturalism and acceptance of several truths, a concept culled from Jaina philosophy, and is based on the research of scholar-author Sudhamahi Regunathan.
At: the C.C. Mehta Auditorium, 8pm.
Accompanying artists: Nattuvangam: Sharanya Chandran; Vocals: K. Venkateshwaran and Dr. S. Vasudevan; Mridangam: R. Sriganesh; Flute: Rajat Prasanna; Violin: Raghavendra Prasath
- Feb 24: As part of the Shivratri all-night performances hosted by Gurus Raja and Radha Reddy, Geeta Chandran will perform solo Bharatanatyam.
Venue: Natya Tarangini Dance Institute, Pushpa Vihar, New Delhi 110017.
Info: geetachandran@gmail.com

February 2 - 25, 2017 Kolkata
Sapphire programs in February 2017.
- 2nd Feb: Sapphire Creations is shooting for film ‘Michel’ directed by Satrajit Sen choreographing an act by Sudarshan Chakravorty led by Tonusree Chakraborty and Soumitra Chattapadhyay at Narendrapur, near Kolkata
- 3rd Feb: Sapphire Creations performs SAPPHIRESCOPE which is a mosaic of Contemporary and popular dances for an international conference
At EcoSpace banquets in New Town, Kolkata, 7pm
- 4th Feb: Sapphire Creations organises its Annual SARASWATI PUJOR JOLSHA with eminent artists from Bengal from music, theatre, dance, films and engages in an informal session of improvisations and more
At: SappTop, CF 80, Salt Lake, 7pm
- 9th Feb: Sapphire Creations is shooting for film ‘Michel’ directed by Satrajit Sen choreographing an act by Sudarshan Chakravorty led by Swastika Mukherjee and Mir at
Rabindra Tirtha, New Town, Kolkata, 10am onwards
- 14th Feb: Sapphire Creations presents NRITOKOLPO, Snapshots of Sapphire's work drawn from its eclectic sources of productions and commissioned projects depicting the range of Sapphire from folk to Contemporary to Popular set to poetries from Tagore, Bankim Chandra to modern fusion by Mayookh Bhaumick
At: Novotel Banquets, New Town, Kolkata, 7pm
- 25th Feb: Sapphire Creations presents ATITHI DEVO BHAVA, celebrating India and its various rituals, sound and visuals from Tradition, Folk, Contemporary, Martial art and Cinema with 20 dancers and aerial artists. This production is an amalgam of dance, music and visuals.
At: Anderson Club, Kolkata, 7pm
Info: sapphirecreations@yahoo.com

February 6 - 22, 2017 Kolkata, Auroville, Bhopal
Performance schedule for Ranan Performance Collective members
- Feb 6, Kolkata: Ranan performs excerpts from 'Shunya Se' and 'Vaichitra' at Loreto House auditorium 12 noon as part of CIMA's Kolkata Biennial and the 175th year celebrations of Loreto House.
Performers: Vikram Iyengar, Debashree Bhattacharya, Sohini Debnath, Rhea Dawn.
- Feb 10, Auroville: Vikram Iyengar performs ACROSS, NOT OVER choreographed by Preethi Athreya at the Remembering Veenapani festival at Adishakti, Auroville
- Feb 15, Bhopal: Debashree Bhattacharya and Sohini Debnath present Samskriti Shreyaskar's  SANJOG at Bharat Bhavan
- Feb 17, Kolkata: Ranan performs CROSSINGS: EXPLORING THE FACETS OF LADY MACBETH at the Minerva Theatre Festival organised by the Government of West Bengal and Minerva Repertory Theatre
At: Minerva Theatre, 6.30pm
- Feb 22, Kolkata: Repertory member Rhea Dawn presents a solo Kathak recital at Gyan Manch.
Info: rananindia@gmail.com

February 7 & 24, 2017 Nottingham & Ipswich, UK

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance presents MATERIAL MEN redux,a full length virtuoso piece for two dazzling performers of the Indian diaspora. Their chosen dance styles could not be more different – classical Indian and hip hop. However, they share a history rooted in the dark realities of colonial migration and plantation labour. Material Men redux features a score by Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin including sound design by Leafcutter John. It is played live on stage by The Smith Quartet.     
- 7 Feb, 7.30pm: Nottingham Lakeside Arts, Nottingham, NG7 2RD
- 24 Feb, 7.30pm: DanceEast, Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich, IP4 1DW

February 9, 19 & 20, 2017 Mumbai & Pondicherry
Schedule for Anita Ratnam       

- Feb 9: PADME at Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai, 7.05pm
- Feb 19: A MILLION SITAS for Pondicherry Heritage Festival, 7pm
At: GRATITUDE HERITAGE Guest House, 52 Rue Roman Rolland, Pondicherry
Info: (0413) - 2225029 / +91 94420 65029 / gratitudeheritage@yahoo.in  
- Feb 20: A MILLION SITAS for Remembering Veenapani festival, Pondicherry, 7pm
At: ADISHAKTI, Edayanchavadi Road, Diagonally Opposite to Hope, near Auroville
Contact: (0413) 2622287 / + 91 9487514962 / adishaktiprogram@gmail.com
Info: www.arangham.com

February 18 & 19, 2017 Barcelona, Spain

Maya Dance Theatre makes its debut in Barcelona at NAMAIM. ‘Between The Lines’ explores dance and design in context of architecture in urban living spaces and the human emotions that are experienced by those inhibiting these spaces.
At: Barcelona Museum of Design
18 Feb - 1pm & 5.30pm / 19 Feb - 12.30pm
Info: info@mayadancetheatre.org

February 18 - 20, 2017 Guwahati, Assam
Kalpa's 9TH PRAGJYOTI INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL is organised in association with
Cultural Affairs, Government of Assam, Cultural Board and Centre for Creativity, IIT Guwahati  and co-presented by ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India & Sangeet Natak Akademi, North-East Centre.
- 18th Feb, Shraddhanjali Kanan, 5:30pm 
Gayan Bayan –Hari Saikia Bayan and his team,  Bhogpar SattraTitabar
Odissi - Enakshi Sinha, Canada
Sattriya - Disciples of Jatin Goswami, Guwahati
Balinese Dance - Universitas Mahendradatta, Indonesia
Bharigan - Rabha Community dancers from Dudhnoi
-19th Feb, Shraddhanjali Kanan, 6pm
Kuchipudi - T. Reddi Lakshmi, New Delhi
Odissi - Anouk Tran Thanh & Nanae Kezuka, France & Japan
Balinese Dance - Brahma Kumaris Denpasar, Indonesia
Kathak – Vijay Srivastava and his group, Guwahati
Aji Lamu - Monpa Community Dancers from Arunachal Pradesh
- 20th Feb, IIT Guwahati, 5:30 pm
Invocation - Students of Centre for Creativity, IITG
Odissi – Enakshi Sinha, Canada
Balinese Dance - Universitas Mahendradatta, Indonesia
Kuchipudi - T. Reddi Lakshmi , New Delhi
Odissi - Nanae Kezuka and Anouk Tran Thanh, Japan & France
Balinese Dance - Brahma Kumaris Denpasar, Indonesia
- VOICES - Discussions on Arts Education
19th Feb 10:30am - New SAC Building, IIT Guwahati 
20th Feb 10am - NERIM, Guwahati
Info: anwesa.kalpa@gmail.com / 09864337724

February 18, 19 & 21, 2017 Ahmedabad
- Feb 18: SARI by Daksha Sheth - Workshop at 6.30pm, performance at 8.30pm
- Feb 19: KIN by Sanjukta Sinha – Performance to celebrate womanhood at 7.30pm, main performance at 8.30pm
- Feb 21: WITHIN by Aditi Mangaldas – Talk on chakras and kundalini at 7.30pm, performance at 8.30pm
Venue: Bodakdev AMC Auditorium, behind Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad

February 19, 2017 Mysore
ARTICULATE FESTIVAL coordinated by Mysore B Nagaraj, is conducted on 3rd Sunday of every month. Accomplished Indian classical dancers both from India and abroad take part in this festival. Chethan Gangatkar and Chandra Prabha Chethan from Bangalore present Kuchipudi. Jugnu Kiran Kapadia from Surat performs Bharatanatyam, Meghna Das and Laxminarayan Jena from Bangalore will present Odissi and Kathak respectively. This is a free for all entry.
At: Premier Convention Hall, Premier Studios, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore 570012, 6.30pm.
Info: 93412 88391 / articulatefestival@gmail.com

February 19, 2017 Chennai
SHIVAMOHANAM, 3rd annual day celebration by Mosalikanti’s School of Kuchipudi Dance.
Watch Live Webcast www.indianartslive.com 
At: Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium, 6.30pm

February 19, 2017 New Delhi

Old World Culture presents a play directed by K.K. Raina PEECHA KARTI PARCHHAIYAN, featuring Ila Arun, KK Raina, Rahul Bagga, Donna Munshi, Gaurav Amlani.
(Hindi/145mins), an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘Ghosts’, adaptation & dialogue by Ila Arun.
The action takes place in Cooch-Behar, a state inhabited by Rajput families from Nepal and Rajasthan, many of them still living on their past feudal glories, clinging on to old traditions and decrepit lifestyles. The play focuses on how these out-dated traditions and their repercussions come back to haunt future generations. This is the story of the family of the late Maharaja Kunwar Viraj Bhanu Pratap Singh, whose death is shrouded in mystery, talked of in whispers and hidden in the enigmatic eyes of his widow, Yashodhara Baisaheb. The scene opens with Yashodhara and Purohitji, the family priest, who has come with a property deal for the family. The family is busy as they are dedicating a school on the following day in the name of the late scion. The young son and heir, Kunwar Yuvraj, has flown down specially from Paris, where he has made a name for himself as a painter and designer. As the story unfolds, we see the causes of the breakdown of family symbolised in the destruction of the haveli they inhabit.
At: Stein Auditorium, 4pm & 7.30pm

February 19 & 26, March 4 & 5, 2017 USA

Rama Vaidyanathan presents CHITRAVALI-a picture book on Krishna Maya.
- Feb 19: DL Parsons Theatre, 11801 Community Centre Dr, Northglen, Denver, CO, 5.15pm
Info: 414- 350- 3238
- Feb 26: Waunkee High School PAC, Madison, WI, 2pm
Info: 608-345-5589 / meena@kalaanjali.com
- March 4: CET solo theatre, 701 Vine St, San Jose, 4pm
Info: South Indian Fine Arts
- March 5: J Crivello Hall, Francis Parker School, 6501 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, 4pm
Info: 858-775-5473
Info: www.ramavaidyanathan.com

February 20 - 26, 2017 Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
Entry is free.

February 20 - 28, 2017 Thrissur
The International Theatre Festival of Kerala
The ITFoK not only focus on showcasing contemporary theatre, but provides a platform for other folk and traditional theatre forms of Kerala and other parts of the country, for the advantage of the visiting groups from abroad in particular. The groups/artists are put into active and creative interactions with each other, which lead to certain level of share and exchange of experience and a fair knowledge of these forms. Seminars, workshops and exposition sessions by eminent theatre practitioners and academicians, exhibitions, screening of films etc are the vital components of the festival. The interactive sessions for theatre practitioners, with visiting directors on their play making process, design methods, and actors’ training systems provide deep insight and understanding of their theatre. ITFoK provides a true interactive space occupied by a variety of spectators from various walks of life and culture, thus inspiring creative and meaningful artistic interaction.
Info: (0487) – 2322734 / 2327427 / info@theatrefestivalkerala.com

February 21, 2017 Ahmedabad
Drishtikon Dance Foundation presents WITHIN for the ICECRAFT FESTIVAL.
e-mail: info@aditimangaldasdance.com
Website: www.aditimangaldasdance.com

February 21 & 22, 2017 Basel, Switzerland

Sumitra Keshava is invited to perform in a dance piece of the well-known contemporary dance choreographer Jerome Bel.
Venue: Kaserne Basel, 8pm
Info: www.kalasri.com

February 22, 2017 Delhi
Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in collaboration with Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam presents a cultural evening of dance & music by ‘The Legacy of Vietnamese Mediumship’, from Vietnam
At: Azad Bhavan Auditorium, Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi 110002, 6:30pm

February 22 & 24, 2017 Mumbai
Schedule of Smitalay and Jhelum Paranjape for February 2017:
- 22nd Feb: Dance Performance for Anglo Eastern Ship Management India Pvt.Ltd. at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai at 8pm.
- 24th Feb: Mahashivaratri Guru’s Dance Performance by Jhelum Paranjape during the Natyanjali Festival 2017 for Shanmukhpriya, Chembur, Mumbai, 6.30pm.
Info: jhelum@smitalay.com / www.smitalay.com

February 23, 2017 Kolkata

Akshara presents KATHA ANGIKA featring Shreyasi Dey (Odissi), Priyadarshini Ghosh & Mohana Iyer (Mohiniattam), Poushali Chatterjee (Manipuri), Arpita Venkatesh (Odissi), Sanjay Bhattacharya (Kathak), Ajith Kumar (Kalaripayattu), Arka Mukhopadhyay (Sutradhar)
At: Gyan Manch, Kolkata, 6pm to 9pm

February 23-25, 2017 Myiladadurai, Bangalore, Hosur

Schedule for Kavya Kasinathan, disciple of Mithun Shyam, Vaishnavi Natyashala, Bengaluru.
23rd Feb - Mayura Natiyanjali, Myiladadurai - 10.30 pm
24th Feb - Sadashiva Temple, Mahashivarathri Festival, R S Palya, Bangalore - 10pm
25th Feb - Hosur Natyanjali, Hosur - 7pm
Info: kavyakasinathanv@yahoo.co.in / 9341248059

February 24, 2017 Kolkata
Kush Kushari and Drishtinandan Centre of Performing Arts present PURUSH festival featuring Sajilal K Narayanan (Chennai), Krishnendu Roy (Kolkata), Subrata Pandit (Kolkata) and Dr. Vasanth Kiran (Bangalore). The fest is dedicated to late Guru Adyar K Lakshman.
At: Gyan Manch, 5.30pm
Info: kushdncpa@gmail.com / 98311 30289

February 24, 2017 New Delhi
The Reddys present Shiv Aradhana celebration of MAHASHIVARATRI festival in an “All Night Concert” by eminent dancers and musicians on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri in Ode of Lord Shiva- The Creator of Dance at Natya Tarangini Performing Arts Centre, Saket, Delhi from 8:30 pm onwards.
Info: reddy.art76@gmail.com

February 24, 2017 Udupi

Gurus Kiran Subramanyam and Sandhya Kiran present two of their acclaimed productions - RAGAM TANAM PALLAVI and MAANINI at 7pm at Rajaangana, Sri Krishna Matha, Udupi as part of Silver Jubilee Celebrations organised by Nritya Niketana, Kodavooru.
Concept, Choreography and Direction: Kiran Subramanyam
Info: ramyaj752@gmail.com

February 24, 2017 Hong Kong
Aditi Mangaldas presents solo IMMERSED for the INDIA BY THE BAY festival.
e-mail: info@aditimangaldasdance.com
Website: www.aditimangaldasdance.com

February 24 - 26, 2017 Tamilnadu

Dr. Shashikala Ravi will be giving Bharatanatyam performances in the following temples on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri.
-24th Feb: (Mahashivaratri ) - Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai
-25th Feb: Natyanjali festival - Adi Kumbeshwarar temple, Kumbakonam 
-26th Feb: Natyanjali Festival - Tirunallar Shanishwara temple, Tirunallar and Neelayadakshi temple, Nagapattinam
Info: shashiravi@hotmail.com / www.amritanjali.com

February 25, 2017 Bangalore
KAMPNI KUTCHERI features BHEEMA, a play by Our Theatre.
At: Natya Stem Dance Kampni, #37, Bhoomika, 17th Cross, between 4th & 6th Main, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560055, 6.30pm. (Appreciation fee Rs.49 per person)
Ph: (080) – 23348645 / info@stemdancekampni.in

February 25, 2017 Mumbai

NCPA presents Umang series with SAKHI, Bharatanatyam by Snigdha Menon & Sakshi Pujari, senior disciples of Gayatri Subramanian. Ever the diplomat, the Sakhi is wise and well intentioned, merging into the nayika’s shadow at certain times and challenging her at others. The most influential character in a piece, the Sakhi, plays a pivotal role as confidante, caregiver, messenger and catalyst. Celebrating the Sakhi through various compositions, in a traditional Bharatanatyam repertoire, the performance seeks to push the silent shadow into the spotlight for one evening.
At: Little Theatre, 7pm. Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.
Info: (022) - 22824567 / 66223724

February 25 & 26, 2017 Bangalore

Prabath Enterprises presents ASEEMA dance and music festival.
- Feb 25: Abhinava Dance Company; Vocal by Priya Sisters
- Feb 26: The Dhananjayans; Soule
At: KEA Prabhath Rangamandira, 6.30pm
Info: rohinisprabhath@gmail.com 

February 28, 2017 Chidambaram

Sneha Devanandan, disciple of  Padmini Ramachandran,  presents Bharatanatyam  solo for Natyanjali Festival,  Chidambaram, 6.50pm.