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January 2023

Anita Ratnam, dancer & cultural activist: Breaking stereotypes in the Performing Arts
- Neeti Jaychander
Through the decades, Anita Ratnam has lived life and nurtured art on her own terms, creating a vocabulary true to herself, her own kinetic intelligence, and conveying old stories in a new way.

Raja Reddy: It is the duty of the Guru to create rasikas
- Tapati Chowdhurie
Through dance one can enter a meditative state similar to ritualistic chanting which can bring about an electronic change in the physical and metaphysical status of an individual.

Nava Dance Theatre turns real-life stories into mythical style Bharatanatyam
- Rachel Howard
Nava’s work combines the ancient movement language of Bharatanatyam with experimental movement and new stories.

‘Performance is an emotional journey,’ says Vidhya Subramanian
- V.V. Ramani
Vidhya Subramanian, recipient of this year’s Nrithya Choodamani award, speaks about her early influences, training, and how she has matured as an artiste.

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