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September 2022

Anita Ratnam on 30 years of Narthaki
- Shveta Arora, the beloved e-magazine in the world of Indian classical dance, celebrates 30 years in 2022. Its founder, Anita R. Ratnam, was interviewed about it by actress and dancer Padmapriya...

Dance of the Majuli Island
- Krishnakshi Kashyap
Veteran exponent Jatin Goswami on how Sattriya, once the preserve of male monks, today features several women artistes and new-age interpretations.

A unified vision of art
- Anjana Rajan
Padma Subrahmanyam on how her distinct style of Bharata Nrityam is influenced by Sadir, regional forms, languages, architecture, and of course, the Natya Shastra.

For Mythili Prakash, Bharatanatyam is personal
- Karen Greenspan
Four days away from the premiere, Prakash and her musicians are still figuring out the ending. But that may be because of the collaborative nature of this endeavor.

Dancer merges 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' elements with traditional Indian dance and it's amazing
- Heather Wake
Naomi Namboodiripad has trained for several years in a variety of styles, including Bharatanatyam.

Usha Jey's performances where fashion meets dance went viral, now she's at the Commonwealth Games
- Praachi Raniwala
What role does a sari play in dance? The Paris-born Tamilian dancer best-known for her hybrid choreography that marries Bharatanatyam and hip hop gives us an insight.

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