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September 2022

Dance of the divine in sacred groves
- KK Gopalakrishnan
Theyyams of Kerala's Kaavus allow one to reach out to the divine directly, with humans performing the role of gods.

Evocatively Engraved
- Ananda Shankar Jayant
At the confluence of Annamacharya's devotional poetry, Indian classical music and a line-up of exceptional dance artistes from around the world stands Tamrapatra, an all-inclusive project that provided those interested not only an education but also much-needed inspiration.

Stepping out of the ordinary
- Archana Kaul
True consciousness and spiritual growth have a connotation of giving more and expecting less. But I got more than I gave.

Bharatanatyam with a bagpipe?
- Gayathri Iyer
The early dance orchestra consisted of rare and interesting instruments.

"Costume is like the second skin to the dancer"
- Tushti
Watching a dance performance is a joy. There are so many different things happening on stage. Only recently however have I started noticing the costumes.

What can dancing cockatoos teach us about ourselves?
- Marlene Zuk
An evolutionary biologist demystifies bird intelligence in an excerpt from her new book.

Is arangetram losing its real purpose?
- Gayathri Iyer
Despite a deluge of debut performances across the globe, very few young dancers seem to make it to the professional stage.

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