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October 2022

A Dance to the Music of Time
- Claudia La Rocco
The life of pioneering choreographer Martha Graham.

Temple Sculptures & Dance
- Dr. Shashikala Ravi
Since ancient times, dance has got infused into temple iconography. Dance has influenced sculpture making so deeply that the grace of dance can be seen in these sculptures.

Sandeśa Kāvya
- Seema KS
In Samskṛta language, sandeśa means 'message' and kāvya means 'poem' or 'poetry'. Sandeśa Kāvya deals with the sending of a message through the agency of a messenger.

An excerpt from 'In Free Fall: My Experiments with Living'
- Mallika Sarabhai
From the memoir: Mallika Sarabhai opens up about how dance and yoga gave her a new lease of life.

Wet days in September!
- Ashish Mohan Khokar
Do you know how many books are published on dance in India in a year? Five, if it is a good year. Maybe 7, if one is lucky.
Why does Marius Petipa matter?
- Alastair Macaulay
Or does Marius Petipa matter at all? He has become the most enigmatic and ambiguous choreographer in history.

How caste exclusion is threatening a 2000-year-old art form with UNESCO tag
- Binu Karunakaran
It's been 87 years since Kerala allowed people of all castes to enter temples but koothambalams inside the shrine where Kutiyattam and Koothu are performed remain the exclusive preserve of two castes.

Dance | In step with the times
- Ashish Mohan Khokar
How the nation's dance vocabulary expanded from Indian classical dance forms to include western styles like hip hop.

What is Body Image Resilience, and how can dancers develop it?
- Jess Spinner
You'll be hard-pressed to find a ballet dancer who has never worried about their body.

Courtesan Tanjore Gnyana's Pas Seul at Royapuram
- Jeetendra Hirschfeld
In her apartment, my teacher Rajamani had a small picture of Gnyana framed on the wall. I was intrigued by this famous courtesan dancer and wanted to know more about her...

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