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May 2022
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Anita Ratnam celebrates World Dance Day with 30 years of NARTHAKI
Contributing profoundly to her beloved domain of arts and performing arts, Dr. Anita Ratnam has always been on the forefront to propagate, nurture and protect the art.

'It's a political act to decide to be a performing artiste': Anita Ratnam
- Arundhati Chakravarty
In Delhi to mark 30 years of Narthaki - an online platform she created to connect the dance community - dancer, writer and arts entrepreneur Anita Ratnam talks about issues surrounding dance in India, the impact of the pandemic and challenges faced by performing artistes.

Kalpana defined experimentation
- Hariharan Krishnan
The March Dance festival had a discussion at Goethe Institut on Kalpana, a Hindi film made by Uday Shankar in 1948 at Gemini Studios in erstwhile Madras.

After two years Natya Vriksha's World Dance Day returns to enthrall Delhi dance lovers
It took two years to get back to life, to return to the pulsating stage and to live audiences for Natya Vriksha's World Dance Day.

Interrogating a decade of dance: PECDA and the contemporary dance landscape in India
- Ranjana Dave
Can a biennial "competition" become a focal point for nurturing and sustaining dance makers in the country? As PECDA came to a close in Bengaluru last weekend, it offered some answers.

Mayurbhanja Chhau: Where martial arts meet dance
- Shyamhari Chakra
The Mayurbhanja Chhau festival in Odisha saw the participation of the largest contingent of female artistes this year.

'I'm not Indian enough?' How a bhangra musical addresses identity with radical nuance
- Ashley Lee
In the montage-like opening of "Bhangin' It," a stage musical that showcases multiple styles of Indian dance and traditional Indian instruments, the energy and tensions are high.

Exploring time and space in Koodiyattam
- GS Paul
A new book by Mundoli Narayanan delves deep into the factors that have shaped this theatre form's technique.

London's National Gallery renames its Degas painting, formerly known as 'Russian Dancers,' as 'Ukrainian Dancers'
- Caroline Goldstein
Many are calling on cultural institutions to rethink generalizations about Russian art.

Parwati Dutta explores dance through Buddhist philosophy
- Manjari Sinha
Chants, music, and movements blended beautifully at the 13th Sharngadeva Samaroh.

Dancing from a distance
- Gayatri Iyer
On World Dance Day, four young artistes talk about the need to willingly embrace digital.

Accessing the eternal through dance
- Karen Greenspan
In Fires of Varanasi, Ragamala brings the flavor of ritual to the stage in an evocation of the eternal Indian city, Varanasi, an ancient place of pilgrimage associated with the life-giving Ganges River.

Tchaikovsky's house destroyed by Russian army in north-east Ukraine
- Sophia Alexandra Hall
One of Russia's most famous composers once called Trostyanets home. Now the city lies in ruin.

The making of Adishakti
- Shanta Gokhale
Remembering Veenapani, as the theatre laboratory she established near Puducherry celebrates 40 years.

When classical dance becomes the language of history
- Kedar Mishra
Aruna Mohanty, the celebrated Odissi choreographer and dance Guru, wanted me to write for a dance production about the history of Srirama Chandra Bhanja Medical College of Cuttack.

A blend of styles and genres
- Sudipto Mullick
The 51st Bhaskar Rao Nritya and Sangeet Sammelan was a celebration of rhythm and melody.

Puducherry prison uses dance therapy to rehabilitate inmates

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