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May 2022

'I didn't choose dance, it chose me': Anita Ratnam
- Judith Mariya Antony
In a candid conversation, Ratnam talks about her passion for dance, the development of India's largest phone directory of dancers - 'Narthaki', its growth, and the invention of her dance style Neo-Bharatam.

An imaginary interview with Guru Gopinath - Part 10
- Tapati Chowdhurie
I was a little hesitant when Panditji came, shook my hand and said "Aao, Aao" and offered me a cup of tea. I could hear non-stop clicking of cameras and flashing of lights. I was at the top of the world.

Master of art management
- Chitra Swaminathan
Farooq Chaudhry, artistic director of Prakriti Excellence in Contemporary Dance Awards, has shown how culture and commerce can co-exist.

Carrying on the legacy firmly
- Natyahasini
Bangalore based Bharatanatyam dancer and Guru Gayathri Keshavan, who has performed several times across the country and globe, calls for the cities to focus on the quality of the platform provided to dance.

Bindu Rajendren: Reimagining spiritual connection through Mohiniyattam
- Anu S
Bindu Rajendren, a Mohiniyattam dancer, shares her creative endeavour to reimagine spiritual connection through expressive storytelling.

78 and still young, shares her passion for Bharatanatyam
- Silky Sharma
In this stereotypical world, where elder people are expected to lose the motivation to live life to the fullest due to societal norms, Balukaben Ramanlal Patel, a 78 year young, tenacious woman from Surat, Gujarat, opened her doors of adventure and went on to achieve her dreams.

Shoba Narayan is bringing Bharatanatyam to Broadway and beyond
- Helen Hope
Shoba Narayan, who plays Princess Jasmine in 'Aladdin' on Broadway, is also an award-winning Bharatanatyam performer and teacher.

Ranjana Gauhar: A life lived in dance
- Manisha Gawade
Odissi exponent Ranjana Gauhar advocates complete immersion in dance to truly live its essence.

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