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May 2022

Temple theatres in Kerala have been an upper caste preserve for ages. Now there are calls for change
- Malini Nair
An intimate performance space, the koothambalam has been off limits for everyone but upper castes. For it to thrive again, it needs to be opened up.

Dancing caste, rethinking heredity: A Kuchipudi artist reflects on her multiple lineages
- Yashoda Thakore
The aesthetic of the dance has flown from the Kalavantulu women through Brahmin men who popularised it, to the changing bodies of modern practitioners.

Return of live dance performances fades bitter memories
- Geeta Chandran
On World Dance Day, dancer Geeta Chandran salutes the dance community for surviving two hellish years of little income and support.

How gharanas shaped modern Kathak
- Shrinkhla Sahai
At one time, there were atleast 4 different schools, but the sharp lines between these are now blurring.

Vision for Dance 2022
A straight-from-the-heart response from dancers and curators on their vision for dance.

Bharatanatyam as a career: What all it takes to become a Bharatanatyam dancer
- Shruti Bansal
Want to become a Bharatanatyam dancer? Here's what all things you require to take Bharatanatyam as a career option.

Tracing Sattriya's aesthetic legacies, from sattras or monasteries to the modern stage
- Aishwarya Sahasrabudhe
Sattriya has now emerged as a significant body of art that makes relevant the universal ideas of infinite faith, its registers resonating across the globe with practitioners continuing to explore and expand the contours of its performance style

Mrudula and Tharuni Chari: The Occult Origins of Mohiniyattam - Part 42
- Nirmala Paniker
Generously utilise the beauty of the Hamsasya and Dola hastha in Mrudula and Tharuni Charis.

Beyond the Studio with 4 Pros on their intensely athletic non-dance hobbies
- Lauren Wingenroth
A career in dance is so demanding—physically and otherwise—that it can be tempting for dancers to dance, dance and only dance.

Sculptural impact on dance
- Dr. Subashini Pathmanathan
Originally, the dance originated in temples. The dance poses influenced the minds of the sculptural artisans.

Credit where it's due: Handling credit on collaborative creations
- Sarah Parker
In a time when many old systems in our industry are being re-evaluated, dancers are taking a closer look at how the dynamics¬ among collaborators and creatives seem to be shifting; the boundary between dancer and choreographer is not always as clear as it once was…

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