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March 2022

Dance Survival
- Joseph Houseal
Endangered dance isnít as well known as climate change or the extinction of animal species, but it is an equally real living expression facing existential crisis. 

Sadir lives in the present, not the past
- Swarnamalya Ganesh
Viralimalai R Muthukannammal, among the last few who identifies with Tamil Nadu's hereditary dance community, got a Padma Shri. Some traditionalists are unhappy about it.

Guru Sishya Parampara - Some thoughts
- Ramaa Venugopalan
Until the recent past, the Vadiyars (not Guru) who were teachers of the art, had disciples whom they taught based on the individual capabilities of the student.

The sacred ensembles of the Hoysalas
- Meera Iyer

Strength of character
- Piyal Bhattacharya and Shreetama Chowdhury
The essence of Kathakali lies in the characters who, through the use of colours, costumes and adornments, present themselves in very specific ways in order to be as recognisable as they are enchanting.

Swan Movement: The Occult Origins of Mohiniyattam-Part 33
- Nirmala Paniker
Swan represents various philosophical and spiritual notions in Hinduism. Swan movement in Mohiniyattam is very gentle and beautiful.

As dance returns to theaters, will we keep investing in screendance?
- Cara Hagan
Despite the struggles that have arisen, and perhaps in recognition of those struggles, some entities in the dance community have begun to give more acknowledgment to screendance works and their makers.

The creation of yourself: On the flow and fugue of dance
- Olivia Campbell
History and culture offer a treasure trove of attempts to interpret danceís unique power over our bodies and minds.

Dancing in Space? Hereís how astronauts are reinventing movement in microgravity
- C. Adeene Denton
We donít often think of astronauts as dancers. Theyíre test pilots and engineers, scientists and medical doctors, sent beyond our atmosphere to spend grueling, 12-hour days doing everything from analyzing zero-gravity plant growth to fixing the ISSí space toilet.

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