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June 2022
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Her own style of nattuvangam
- Alarmel Valli
Indra Rajan, who passed away recently, was known for her admirable sense of laya.

Bijayini Satpathy animates Met Museum galleries with her dance
- Karen Greenspan
When Odissi dancer Bijayini Satpathy was selected as the MetLiveArts Artist in Residence for 2021-22, she contemplated how to use the much-coveted opportunity ─ a year-long association with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and its superlative architecture and collections.

Devi Diaries 2 grows from strength to strength
- Shveta Arora
Anita R. Ratnam had first produced ‘Devi Diaries’ on Narthaki Official in 2020, and produced the second season in 2021. 

The power of visualization
- Rupa Srikanth
Bragha Bessell and Navia Natarajan showed how a piece can be interpreted effectively through abhinaya.

Choreographed to create change
- Dyuti Roy
Husnain has been in a wheelchair since childhood. Speaking of how demotivated he felt at one point, he mentions he felt like he did not belong.

To guru, with love
- Rajeswari Sainath
A strict taskmaster, Indra Rajan gave her all to teaching.

Kathakali’s Persia connect
- V. Kaladharan
‘Sohrab and Rustum’ first staged in the 1970s, was performed recently at ‘Kesaveeyam.’
Cultural alliance
- Gayathri Iyer
As Singapore-based Apsaras Arts stages its solo thematic work ‘Parama Padam’ in Chennai, we   trace the close connection between Indian dance and Southeast Asia.

Breathing, Dancing Art at the Met Museum
- Brian Seibert
Bijayini Satpathy, a MetLiveArts artist in residence, pushed the borders of her Odissi classicism to meet the art around her.

Sound effect
- V.V. Ramani
Sheejith Krishna and Sahrdaya Repertory’s ‘Dhwani’ stood out more for its visual appeal.

Layers of life
- B. Ramadevi
‘Pratibodhana’ by Rama Vaidyanathan and her group of dancers, explored realism and romance.

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