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July 2022

Performing Arts: Dance
- Jonathan Hollander
Artistic Director and Founder of Battery Dance and Co-Founder of Indo-American Arts Council, Jonathan Hollander, writes about the vagaries of support for the arts in India.

The Devadasi influence at the Suchindram Temple
- V Sriram
I recently conducted a heritage tour of the Nagercoil-Suchindram area and as part of the preparation read the magnificent book Suchindram by KP Pillai.

Pina Bausch Archives - Moving Data and Staging Networks
- Priyanka Borar
Priyanka Borar studies the Pina Bausch digital archives and how the groundbreaking effort, while it's focused on the prima donna, is also a collective repository of the people, places and things who occupied Pina's world.

Reality TV show blamed after young dancers penalised for inappropriate costumes
- Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Women in Love: Ashtanayika paintings from the Pahari School
- Soma Ghosh
The portrayal of Ashtanayikas or eight heroines is one of the most painted themes in Pahari painting.

Placing the singer Kristna at Royapuram
- Donovan Roebert
In this article I will advance some circumstantial evidence which leads me to believe that the singer, Kristna was one of the Tanjore artists who performed at the reception for the Prince of Wales in the great hall of the Royapuram Station in December of 1875.

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