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January 2022
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Devoted to the legacy of music, dance and Vishnu
- Saranya Chakrapani
Kaisika Natakam, the 15th century performance tradition, is the story of Nambaduvan, a devotee from a marginalised caste who set out into the dead of the night, away from the bustle and the prying eyes of the villagers, to wholeheartedly sing his beloved lord, Nambirayar, to rest every day.

Art and the environment
- V V Ramani
Praveen Kumar's new production 'Rtu - Vismurti' attempts to address the issue of climate change.

How Odissi artist Bijayini Satpathy subtly transformed her movement language
- Marina Harss

Souvenirs of the Season
- V Sriram
Flipping through past issues of music season souvenirs, one finds musicians endorsing brands, ads for films and restaurants, catchy illustrations and studio portraits.

With 'Vinati: Songs from the Gita Govinda', Surupa Sen stamps her name as one of Odissi's greats
- Joshua Muyiwa

A free flow of the inner voice
- Kumudha Chandrasekaran
Ten Bharatanatyam dancers recently presented a unique production that brought to life 'nayikas' created from a tapestry of dance, music, art, and poetry.

Finally back at the Harris, Ragamala's 'Fires of Varanasi' comes full circle
- D'onminique Boy
In the opening piece, 'Agni' soloist Aparna Ramaswamy, dressed in elaborate crimson traditional Indian garments, kneeled in silence amid a sleek white set design conceived by French scenic and lighting designer Willy Cessna.
Golden Jubilee of an epoch-making translation of Natya Shastra
- GS Paul
How KP Narayana Pisharody's Malayalam translation of Natya Shastra rejuvenated the performing art forms of Kerala.

A rare amalgam
- Manjari Sinha
Pt. Madhup Mudgal and daughters Sawani and Arushi shared the stage for a jugalbandhi at Natya Tarangini's Parampara Festival.

- Sunayana Mohanty
The pandemic has been a catalyst in many ways, sowing seeds of new knowledge and urging artistes to think outside the box. Ahead of Catalyst, the NCPA's new dance series celebrating choreographies born during the lockdown, four artistes share a glimpse of their experience through this time.

Brushstrokes of melody
- Surekha Kadapa Bose
Artist Gopal Swami Khetanchi's new series of paintings depicts magnificently attired women playing musical instruments.

Notable dance books of 2021
- Wendy Perron

The ancient and the now
- Sreevalsan Thiyyadi
'Nalacharitam' and 'Soorpanakhangam' staged at Kalakshetra's festival used different sensibilities to explore two classics.

Bringing alive the Andal imagery
- V V Ramani
Urmila Sathyanarayanan's 'Godha' stood out more for its visual appeal.

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