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January 2022

Connecting to Ramlila through its rituals
- Sunil Sunkara
The Ramlila has resonated with the Indian heartland and continues to do so till date. This essay looks at the Ramlila from the perspective of the audience who are a combination of observers, devotees and satsangees.

Please stop weighing dancers
- Kathleen McGuire
Recently, a colleague who also advocates for the well-being of dancers shared a story with a group of dance medicine professionals that one of her dancers was weighed in front of her peers.

Structuring of the Kuchipudi dance form: The trailblazing trio
- T Parvati Vardhini
This paper explores the recognition of Kuchipudi as an art form in the country and its evolution into the twentieth century.

Carrying forward a rich legacy
- Nirmala Paniker
How the pioneering efforts of the dance students at Kalamandalam and across India gave birth to different schools of Mohiniyattam.

The Occult Origins of Mohiniyattam: Part 22
- Nirmala Paniker
It was the loyalty to the king that compelled Thankamani's parents to enroll her in Kalamandalam.

The Occult Origins of Mohiniyattam: Part 23
- Nirmala Paniker
Two notable teachers Kalyanikuttiyamma and Chinnammuamma, under the guidance of Vallothal Narayana Menon, not only brought life to the almost extinct Mohiniyattam, but they also were pioneers in creating two different dance styles.

The Occult Origins of Mohiniyattam - Part 25
- Nirmala Paniker
Nirmala Panicker describes the routes she travelled to research Mohiniyattam

Questioning the norms in classical dance: How body shaming affected my body image
- Prachi Sharma
In the context of Indian classical dance scenario, body shaming is a factor that has been engrained into the dancers since times immemorial.

The Dynamics of Mohiniattam
- Mandakini Trivedi
An acclaimed exponent of the ancient dance form discusses the need for retaining the traditional attire and the importance of changing it.

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