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April 2022

An imaginary interview with Guru Gopinath - Part 9
- Tapati Chowdhurie
When all the members of the cultural group came together, sitar maestro Ravi Shankar said that if Gopinath performs first then the next item will not excel and suggested that Gopinath's Navarasa should be placed as the 4th or 5th item in a program.

In Tribute: Menaka Thakkar
- Dhriti Gupta
Canada was the prolific dance artist's garden, and her seeds changed the cultural landscape.

If not for Kamalini Dutt, Doordarshan would have lost some of its most valuable treasures for good
- Malini Nair
Thousands of recordings of the legends of music, dance and drama were decaying in the offices of the broadcaster - until Dutt stepped up.

On a path of her own
- Chitra Swaminathan
Malavika Sarukkai marks 50 years on the stage with a new production 'Anubandh' that took shape during the pandemic.

Gauri Diwakar on surviving two years of the pandemic
- Shveta Arora
In the larger context too, I returned to that phase in which I was able to do nothing except sweeping, mopping, dishes. The only time I did something else was when I would take my neighbour for his medical appointments.

Pirouetting on judgments with grace; journey of male dance performers in India
- Anjani Chadha
We speak to two men from Delhi who have confidently embraced dance forms that are traditionally associated with women and are breaking taboo in the process.

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