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April 2022

Contemporary Bharatanatyam at Jacob's Pillow
- Hari Krishnan
Since the 1940s, Indian dance at the Pillow has been performed by some of the leading artists from India and the west.

Art N Soul: From Assam to London - Tracing the journey of a Vrindavan Vastra
- BN Goswamy
Vrindavan Vastra is a 400-year-old traditional textile from Assam, woven with the theme of Krishna's various exploits. The article traces the travels of a particular piece from Assam to Tibet to London; from a Vaishnava setting to a Buddhist monastery; from being a hanging filled with 'monsters and charms' to back to being valued as a sacred textile.

The devadasi who wrote about dance
- Gayathri Iyer
Venkatasundara Sani's book is an extraordinary documentation of the Bengaluru-Kolar tradition of temple dance.

Manduka Pada: The Occult Origins of Mohiniyattam - Part 36
- Nirmala Paniker
Manduka pada is associated to the frog jump. Just like the amphibian qualities of a frog, the philosophical nature in a yogi helps transcend different worlds effortlessly.

Will dancers in the digital age ever be able to protect their moves?
- KC Ifeanyi
Historically, copyrighting choreography favors artists working in traditional forms like ballet or modern dance. But that leaves a huge blindspot.

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