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September 2021
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Structural components of Kathakali: An intellectual delight for connoisseurs
- G S Paul
Dr. Sadanam K Harikumar's book 'Structural components of Kathakali' belongs to a class of its own for its holistic analysis of the dance-drama in a manner hitherto not attempted by any critic or writer.

A marvel in black basalt
- Serish Nanisetti
The only temple to be named after its architect, the 800-year-old Ramappa Temple gets the World Heritage tag.

In step with the times
- V V Ramani
The Natya Institute under Madhu Natraj has restructured its courses and now offers diplomas in Kathak and choreography.

Pace yourself: How to transition back to a full dance schedule
- Helen Hope

In the driving rain, a former dancer wins gold in the discus throw for Team USA
- Roman Stubbs
Before she became one of the world's best discus throwers, Valarie Allman dreamed of being a dancer.

What the dance world can learn from Simone Biles and Team USA
- Bradford Chin
In the heat of the women's team gymnastics final, a shaken Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympic event to protect herself and her teammates. Her courageous decision to prioritize her health was met with overwhelming support...

Nurturing the Kathakali body
- Achuthan T.K
Though artistes vouch for the efficacy of the rigorous massage routine, Ayurvedic practitioners say there is no scientific basis to it.

Henry Lee's reimagined Lego Broadway Sets are on display this fall at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
The pop-up installation will be on display through December 10, 2021.

A new book on Pt. Birju Maharaj
- Kiran Java
The compilation of essays explores the maestro's art in detail.

The best dance, on your laptop: Young risk-takers are going outdoors to create short, raw films
- Sarah L. Kaufman

Dasamam Koothu: A rare variant of Nangiarkoothu
- G S Paul
Dr Aparna Nangiar has made history again by presenting Dasamam Koothu for the second time over a gap of seven years. This time it was at the home of Kaimukku Raman Akkithiripad at Kodakara in Thrissur district, on August 5, 6 and 7.

Being a Bharatanatyam teacher
- Mahalakshmi Prabhakar
As classes go online and millennials pose challenges, it's time to revisit how the dance is taught.

Sangeeta Lahari: A worthy ensemble of Geetham, Vaadyam and Nrityam
- Narayanan Desamangalam
A rare synergy of artistic brilliance and a cherished possession for the dancer fraternity.

Shadow over the spotlight
- Nina C George
As the pandemic lingers on, performing arts professionals continue to stare at closed venues, little or no income and constant uncertainty about whether things will ever return to pre-pandemic days. We asked well-known artistes how they have been coping.

Precise nritta and mature abhinaya
- Shrinkhla Sahai
A sparkling 75th Independence Day show by Gauri Diwakar and Arushi Mudgal at Kalakshetra.

Ragamala Dance Company Announces 2021-22 Season
- Chloe Rabinowitz
The Company will tour the country through April 2022 and will conclude the season with a residency at the Bogliasco Foundation in Bogliasco, Italy.

The debate over Mohiniyattam's music
- V. Kaladharan
Sopana Sangeetham or Carnatic music? Dancers insist that it should be a blend of both.

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