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October 2021
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Kerala Kalamandalam to become a Cultural University in next five years
- IAR Desk
As the part of this, Kalamandalam will be starting new courses.

Some unusual interpretations
- Rupa Srikanth
While following the Kalakshetra style, the three dancers rose to new challenges at the Yuva Nritya Utsav.

Watching Kalamandalam Gopi live again
- V Kaladharan
The veteran performed on stage after 18 months but without make-up and costume.

One Good Thing: This Chinese dance show is the only thing I care about
- By Aja Romano
Street Dance of China makes a compelling argument that what the world needs now is a giant global dance-off.

College gymnasts are embracing dance—and going viral for it
- Laura Cappelle

B-Girl Jo, India’s best, riffing off Bharatanatyam and Kalaripayattu
- Shivani Naik
Winning her second India title, B-Girl Jo reckons she's more self-assured now. And as Breaking erupts its way into multi-disciplinary games like Asiad and Olympics, Jo is excited to carve her niche.

New interpretations
- Chitra Swaminathan
Dancers from all genres are trying to find unusual ways to depict Ganesha.

The rise of the artivists
- Achuthan T.K.
Kathakali artistes and aficionados are preparing for a new kind of performing life in the post-pandemic world.

Arts, culture and the rule of law
- Shrinkhla Sahai
An initiative called ‘Unmute’ hopes to address issues of sexual harassment, copyright, contracts, censorship and more in the world of performing arts.

Dance of the Lamas
- Anuj Kumar
Benoy Behl, whose documentary captures the spirit of Cham, spoke about the layers of meaning in the ritualistic dance.

Inside Amazon Studios’ new dance drama ‘Birds of Paradise’
- Claudia Bauer
In the cutthroat world of ballet, ambitious dancers compete to the near-death for a plum contract, a starring role or the hottest hottie, and someone goes a little bonkers. Birds of Paradise will add a gorgeously styled, contemporary twist to the canon when it premieres Sept 24 on Amazon Prime Video.

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